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    • I disagree. Hell is a literal physical place first created for these devils. Which implies that yes devils may have a physical form just as much as an angel may.   
    • If you are interested in continuing your learning there are numerous online.   We all should be learning as long as we live.  One that caught my eye is a free course from Dartmouth entitled Libertarian Free Will: Neuroscientific and Philosophical Evidence.  Check it out at: Libertarian Free Will: Neuroscientific and Philosophical Evidence
    • You have a good point. Would angels even be able to crossbreed with another kind, i.e. human women? Or as I often thought; If all angels seem to be male why were they even given the ability to procreate? These are the "rabbit holes" that Brother Flower warned about. My point wasn't really to argue for or against the sons of God being angels just that the stories of it happening in various legends among different cultures in one form or another are there going way back. This suggests that mankind has always looked to become "transhuman" in some form or another and all the modern day blather about it is nothing new other than dressing it up in more scientific language.  
    • "To quote from a recent writer from the Old Country on life in Western Canada: "For a man in the West marriage does not mean what it does among the well-to-do at home, giving up a comfortable bachelor lodgings for a life of house-owning and smart dinners; it means leaving a ghastly loneliness for companionship and help, and squalor for decent comfort. For a woman in this new land the sphere of the home does not mean polishing scratches on silver or decorating the dining room with masses of flowers, but feeding and clothing and cheering husband and children, and being kind to poor bachelors round about who need kindness badly. Woman is at her old task as the civilizer, not as the over-civilizer." - Alberta, Past & Present, 1924
    • "There's only one God, Ma'am, and I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress that way." -Captain America, speaking about Thor and Loki in Marvel's Avengers.   (A rare enlightened comment from an atheist director)
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