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    • Don't think it matters which sin is major or minor, but some have more tragic consequences. Since we're on the topic, this sort of stuff has influenced millions of men in abusing women and children sexually whereas gossiping at work might affect 1-2 people or a small collective.    There's a difference between someone saying to a friend to start smoking and a celeb saying to fans to start smoking. It's about masses. Viewing that stuff affect millions worldwide in a negative way. Even if men don't act upon their lust, they still retain a disrespect for women.       I'm not saying this thing only affects men. Women also become more enticing, more sensual in appearances to gain attention from men. It's a vicious circle. But it's way more devastating than a person playing a video game or listen to a wordly song
    • For me all things related to this sort of thing feels gross.  Maybe it depends on each believer, what sin he finds the most vile, but for me prostitution and these sort of thing are the most disgusting. Mostly because it sticks into a person's mind and re-appears even years after a person has given up on this sin.  Anyway,  this lust issue is also big for women. I know girls who are into musical boy groups, they have obsessive crushes on these guys, they would practically do anything for them.
    • I was trying to think about the idea of major and minor sins and why it bothered me. It implies some sins are more acceptable or tolerable, rather than all being sins against the Lord. Not saying anyone here has this mentality, but it is like someone saying, “I am not such a bad person. I don’t look at pornography. I am only guilty of watching pirated shows on the internet and spreading gossip at my work. I watch worldly shows and video games and listen to worldly music, but I don’t cheat on my taxes or throw trash on the side of the road.”
    • Which simply means that the thread is stagnant and some of the participants may not even be members or even visit the board any more.
    • It’s a sin - all sin is against the Lord. It is wrong as all sin is. There is no such thing as major and minor sins (except when dealing with ones the Bible calls abominations). Like any addicting sin, it is something that needs to be fought against and resisted by walking with the Lord and taking steps to remove it completely from your life, learning Bible principles and claiming Bible promises to overcome it day by day. Maybe I am taking your post wrong, but it is not a sin specifically because it degrades women (women can lust too - therefore they are sinning against men) - but because it is against the holiness of God, and are grieving the Holy Spirit who indwells them and their heavenly Father who loves them (assuming we are speaking about believers here).
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