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    • I will give one lie at this time. Once we discussed this lie we can go onto the next. If you refuse to acknowledge this lie, or not be honest, nor sincere, in your answer, than I will decide what to do next. Based on your previous avoidance of telling the truth, nor acknowledged the truth that was presented, I need to take some precautions in dealing with you. In my March 11, 2019 post I stated, "But, he knowingly failed to pay taxes on his employees at his creation museum at Pensacola, and called his employees, students from PCC, 'missionaries.' The employees at that “Creation Science Evangelism Enterprises" hereafter known as 'CES 'were not missionaries; most of them were students and all of them did work as an employee in a business. The CES was a business and the IRS, and the Pensacola Court,  rightly treated it as a business. Also, in my September 16, 2019 posting in this thread, the Pensacola Court document, 'Section  H,' Kent Hovind told the lie that the employees were missionaries to the Federal authorities and was included in the indictment. Below is the copy Section H in the indictment: KENT E. HOVIND, did corruptly endeavor to obstruct and impede the due administration of the internal revenue laws by acts which include the following: a. Filing a petition for bankruptcy, and falsely listing the IRS as his only creditor, for the sole purpose of discharging this debt and forcing the IRS to release seized property; b. Filing a false and frivolous lawsuit against the IRS in which he demanded damages for criminal trespass and other false allegations during the IRS execution of a lawful court-issued search warrant; c. Filing a complaint for a preliminary injunction against an investigation IRS special agent and the Commissioner of the IRS; d. Making threats of harm to those investigating him and to those who may consider cooperating with their investigation; e. Filing a false complaint against investigating IRS agents with the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration; f. Filing a criminal complaint against investigating IRS special agents falsely alleging, among other things, false arrest, false imprisonment, excessive use of force, and theft or property; g. Destroying records; and, h. Paying his employees in cash and labeling them “missionaries” rather than employees to avoid payroll tax and Federal Insurance Contributions Act requirements. All in violation of Title, United States Code, Section 7212(a). Again, the employees of CES were not, repeat, missionaries. This lie is a public shame and Kent Hovind deliberately called his employees missionaries in order to avoid paying taxes.
    • And I noted from the article that "at least one" could follow it back - thank you for confirming that and adding that the number according to that article is actually two.  Not bad for a nation that you claim doesn't exist at all - you have confirmed that at least 2/12's of that nation still exist, which is enough to prove you are wrong. If they still exist, the the others also do, and the God I believe in is certainly able to keep track of who is who, and call out 12000 from each tribe, even if He has to identify each and every individual. The god that you follow is a liar, and is not powerful enough to know who is who..... I will continue to follow the God of the Bible rather than your weak, counterfeit, lying god.     And you still refuse to do this board the basic courtesy of a proper introduction in the intro section.
    • And yet it DOES SAY that they can follow back to them - This disproved your assertion. And it was only the first that was listed on my search. You are the one making the false claim, so you need to prove it, not me. I have shown verse after verse after verse after verse that proves you are wrong. THAT is reliable testimony. I have seen the lists on the walls and seen the monuments standing, and spoken with people who follow their lineage to Benjamin specifically, and I don't remember the others. But even that is nothing compared to the verse after verse that shows you are wrong. In response to the verses I listed you simply said they "all agree with me" and refused to respond to EVEN ONE OF THEM. You sidestepped one single verse and answered something irrelevant instead. Your ENTIRE argument process appears to consist of "I'm right and you're wrong" and you present no evidence but accuse everyone else of having no proof. You are a troublemaker, and are only here to cause division - but as you will have noticed, as indicated by the number of likes my posts have, you are not causing division among us. You sir are a wolf, with the single intent of deceiving, and overthrowing the faith of some. You will fail on this forum. And this is precisely why you refuse to give this board the basic courtesy of properly introducing yourself - this is what every false teacher has done when they come to this board, and this one action designates you as a false teacher.   How about then you answer the point about Genesis 17? I know you can't but I want to see you squirm as you try. And of course you still refuse to introduce yourself, which is just plain basic good manners and well known forum etiquette- but you care nothing for any of that because good manners is not a part of causing dissention, which is you intent.
    • I've been sitting back admiring the posts. We've had some doozies on this board, but I think Shoostie is the top doozie... He pulled the moderator card, but when confronted with his error...crickets were chirping. He pulled the "no evidence" card when evidence was given...countless times. He pulled the "I'm right; you're wrong" card...countless times...but provided no evidence as to why he is/was right other than the "I said so" card. He ignored "the COMMONWEALTH of Israel" quote from DaveW...which makes me wonder if he's familiar with its meaning. He ignores the mountain of evidence against Hovind that's available from Alan and elsewhere. He ignores...well, we get the picture. He's right...because he's right. He doesn't have to prove it; we just have to accept it. Perhaps he's a good candidate for my "Nonsense Church" based on Colossians 2:21? Sorry to be so gruff...but Shoostie is a doozie... Carry on...
    • Here's what you read in the main body of the Wikipedia article, "Of particular interest is one distinguished Jewish family of Yemen who traced their lineage to Bonai, one of the sons of Peretz, the son of Judah".  But, here's what your source adds as a footnote: "Broken off" means its a worthless genealogy to connect anyone today with Judah, never mind that there's no way to establish its credibility.   And, this is the best specific example your link gives. Those Jews who claim  priestly heritage to priests and the priestly tribe are speculative and wishful, like Senator Warren claiming to be a Native American (until DNA blew up that fantasy).  When you see sentences like, "Some Jewish families have preserved traditions relating to their tribal affiliation", the word "traditions" is code for no evidence.  Your source states, "The Holocaust was a significant factor in stimulating the research of Jewish genealogy. Many Jews were tormented by questions of what and who had been lost. In response, a number of genealogical agencies were created."   This is practically a confession of an effort to wishfully and speculatively create genealogies. It's no coincidence that claims in the article you linked to are mostly limited to the tribes of Judah and Levi. These are the two tribes most people fabricating their ancestry would choose.  Judah is the source of the name of their religion, Judaism ("I'm a real Jew, my ancestor is Judah").  And, Levi, the exclusive tribe of the priests. ("I'm a special Jew, I'm of the tribe of priests").  Even a sincere person converting to Judaism generations ago would most likely have chosen a new Jewish name associated with the tribe of Judah or Levi.  Don't you know that converts take Jewish names?  Most of the tribes are not even mentioned in your article. Even if you found a full and non-speculative genealogy, which you haven't, unless you can do something like compare genealogies across families, there's no evidence of authenticity or accuracy.  And, then you have to do it for at least 144,000 people of 12 different tribes.  And, because these are servants of God, it would have to be 144,000 Christians of 12 different tribes. Oh boy, you are inconceivably far from that goal.  All human effort in the world hasn't given you a single one yet, and there's no hope of more.  

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