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A forum for Bible prophecy, information about the rapture, tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ, ect.

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    • It is about time I introduced myself here.   As usual, i went through  the line backwards.  Thanks for letting me in. My primary residence is in Minnesota but we have a retirement place In Wisconsin.  My wife wants to wait eighteen months before she retires. i am semi-retired, teaching part time online. Do other lay people participate here? How many are not currently members or casual attenders of an Independent Baptist church?   How many just worship at home, perhaps with a small group?          
    • I don't believe that the fruit of the Spirit is relevant to God rejecting and giving up on people, outside of the Spirit first drawing them. Fruit is what is produced by something. While Jesus was talking about false prophets, he talks about trees that produce good or bad fruit, in Mathew 7. He said that you will know false prophets by their fruit, not saved people. Unsaved people can do all of the things listed as being the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5.  Why would we think that God keeps drawing them after God has given them over to a rejected mind, vile affections, and to do those things? God makes it clear in Hebrews 6 that it is impossible to renew them again. People that believe the sodomites can be saved have to believe that God gives them over to act like a beast, which is behavior that God says is deserving of death in the same chapter, and to have a reprobate mind, yet still wants them to get saved.   Preachers are now telling people that you can take the mark of the beast and still be saved, which is along the same lines. The bible says that their names will be taken out of the book of life, but that doesn't seem to matter to those who just want God to save everyone no matter what the bible says. Do you believe that the sodomite editors of the NIV can be saved? They have gone through Romans 1, and they have changed the Word of God, yet they have not physically died yet. Does a sodomite have to turn from all of their sin, or just that one, to be saved? How is a sodomite going to turn from that sin when God has given him over to it, and they don't have the power to do it on their own? Is the Holy Ghost drawing the person at the same time God is causing him to have a rejected mind, and is giving him up to uncleanness? Are you thinking that God gives them over to it, they become a full blown sodomite, and then God starts drawing them to Him again?  John 6:44 says: No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:  Does God quit drawing them while He is giving them up, and giving them over? It seems really strange that God would do this to them while He was trying to get them saved, because He is giving them over to a "rejected" (reprobate) mind. What you seem to be saying is that God gives them up, and over, to do what sodomites do, and then starts drawing them again, after they have literally lost their minds.  When I give people the gospel, I am trying to get them to understand certain things. I have literally given the gospel to mentally ill people, even while their relatives were in the background laughing at it. I would get through a point thinking that they understood it, and then they would say something that told me that they clearly didn't, and eventually, it became clear that they could not, or would not, get it. My gospel presentation is packed with scriptures, showing them from my bible, because "faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God".  Why would I think that people who have been given over to a reprobate mind have ears to hear? Mathew 11:15 says "he who hath ears to hear, let him hear". Doesn't this mean that some do not have ears to hear, and wouldn't we consider someone who has gone through Romans 1:17-32 with God are some who don't? Jesus told some of the false prophets of His day that they would have "never forgiveness" for speaking against the Holy Ghost. 2 Peter 2 seems to add to all of this concerning the condemnation of such people.  Why would a homosexual "defending the practice" thereof be any different than everyone else? You could say that they defend it because they are given over to it, but what about the "saved" people who defend the practice, or the unsaved, who just think it is fine and not a problem? We don't have all of God's knowledge as soon as we get saved. Someone can believe on the Lord Jesus and trust in Him for salvation and still be wrong on this issue. The only time that I would question their salvation is when they deny clear scripture, because a saved person will not reject the Word of God.  I am not wresting the scriptures. My logic on these verses is not out in left field, it is just taking them for what they are saying, and not denying that God has a hand in making them that way. You can say that a sodomite makes the choices that lead to it, but to say that God does not proactively contribute to them becoming a sodomite is denying clear scriptures. The KJV is God's word in the English language, and these words are not hard to be understood, as you mentioned by quoting Peter.   
    • Wooden toys can be nice.  Preschool age toys should be sturdy, which gives them a clunky look. The vehicles shown in the picture are based on four-inch pieces of lath and the other pieces also were cut from lath, so the cost is very low.  The wheels were purchased but when the bag is empty i will start making my own. These vehicles are sturdy and roll well but by the time I had worked out the design, the grandkids were in school.   Woops.  That is just as well because power tools make my ears ring even with the muffs on and sanding affects my lungs.  So, the next challenge is to make toys  with balsa and basswood.  These will only require using a dremel and a sharp knife. The grandkids probably will be in college before i get the design worked out.  
    • How does this theory work? In the very beginning of the churches, Christians included a lot of Jewish converts who were zealous in the law.  Perhaps the Christians met on Sunday because their Jewish members were still attending services in the synagogue or temple on Saturday.   This then settled into standard practice and became tradition, even though it was not necessary after the churches broke away from the synagogues. 
    • Lunch guests - in the Bush east of Perth. They were on the end of the table, but I didn't think to get a photo until later. Ring necks. Just one of the local parrots we see.

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