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    • Today we had a big lunch with our family.  Our son in law, did roast lamb carrots, runner beans and cauliflower..  I did roast potatoes and sweet potatoes, because I have a timer on my oven and can get the cookes at the right time after church, I also did mushrooms  and cauliflower cheese for the vegetarians.  We had six family and two hospitality guests. For supper I did avacado witn prawns (shrimps) and salad.    
    • You quite obviously did not read my posts properly or you would not misrepresent my posts the way you do. In any case, it is time to move on from this argument as you obviously cannot read either my responses nor the Bible correctly. I refer you to another passage: Rev 7 4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. God here refers to the tribes of the children of Israel, and to his use of them in the end times. Why is it that God STILL refers to Israel in the end times?   And you still refuse to do this board the basic good manners of properly introducing yourself, which is the standard modus operandi of false teachers who come here.
    • I accept that Hovind acted honestly in the things he was jailed for.  The case boiled down to Hovind believing he had the religious freedom to not submit to the an economic structures demanded by the government.   He believed he had the right to treat workers as contractors, rather than employees.  The government thought otherwise, and the government has the guns and the jails. I haven't read The Shack, but what little I know about it, I'm shocked that Hovind would call it a great book.  To Hovind's credit, after finding some of his comments about the book, he didn't express agreement with any of the book's liberal theology. I believe government problems and harassment by critics caused two of Hovind's marriages to fail.  Hovind himself appears to have been faithful in his marriages until his wives left.  They left him, so in that regard, he may be innocent.   I don't judge him harshly for remarriage, even though I don't approve of remarriage.  I know as a young man I really wanted to be married and until I face a time in my life of being alone, I don't see much room for me to judge, as I haven't been tested.  I do judge harshly those who choose to leave a marriage.  And, I judge those churches that don't treat divorce as the destructive sin that it is. Hovind is very eccentric, something that IFB people should be able to appreciate.  If he hadn't tried to take a stand against the government, he wouldn't have been convicted of anything in court and he'd probably still be with his first wife.  And, we here would have little to more to object to than his strange endorsement of The Shack.  He's not a great man, but he's not a bad man either.   He has been in the trenches fighting for our Christian freedom, maybe in a wrongheaded fashion, and I give him credit for that.                
    • Paul said not all Israel is Israel, meaning not all ethnic Israel is part of saved/spiritual Israel.  You seem to think Paul said All Israel is All Israel, meaning that all ethnic Israel is spiritual Israel, and all of spiritual Israel. You read the first several verses of chapter nine, and interpret it your way, while ignoring the rest of the chapter.  "They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God" In sound doctrine, the Israel of God is two halves, the Believers before Christ and the Believers after Christ.  The natural children of Jacob, which you call Israel and assume any Jewish convert is included, are nothing without Belief, which Paul goes on to demonstrate in chapter nine.   Indeed, it's most unchristian to insist that God has any people other than Believers; any preacher of "faith alone" should understand.  Jesus said as much with some very powerful words in John 8. 
    • So in other words you don't like what Paul wrote under the inspiration of God and so you choose to ignore it. No point in continuing this, as you obviously are only here to push false doctrine. And you still refuse to properly introduce yourself, which is the standard modus operandi of false teachers who come here.

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