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    • Just try to remember that this "model prayer" was given as an example, it was not meant to be repeated by rote. Jesus gave us this so that we would understand the things our own personal prayer should contain. Our prayers should be personal and unique to our life and situations and walk with our God, not just something to be repeated over and over again.
    • Good morning, and kind greetings all 🙂   i was reading this prayer from our Lord just now and something occurred to me, this is the prayer: Our Father which art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name Thy kingdom come Thy will be done In Earth, as it is in heaven i try to say this prayer every morning, i miss it sometimes, but i try to pray every morning. Anyhow, as i was praying this morning, i went through this prayer, automatically, and without any feeling, then i said to myself, what's the use? read again. And i did, and as i read it again, it occurred to me that 'Earth' is not the Earth we all live on, but my heart. It was always a question, being a language teacher, 'in' Earth, you see, rather than 'on'! i guess i've got my answer to that this morning, thanks to and praise the Lord. i just felt happy and thought i'd share it with you wonderful people.   Have a blessed day and remember me in your kind prayers, i am not worthy, but you are kind 🙂 Totoo
    • Thanks for the info. I'll let her know.  Jim, Linda's husband, is in the hospital with pneumonia.
    • If you know of anyone who is looking to pastor a church - "Garfield Ridge Baptist Church, Chicago, IL (10 minutes from Midway airport) is looking for a bi-vocational pastor. The previous pastor has retired from the ministry. We can provide a small salary. The church runs 40-50 on Sunday morning, with about 20 members. Bilingual is a plus! For more information please email Harold at independentbc@gmail.com" Good church.
    • HC, there is a device to help with chronic back pain that seems to help most people. I have this device implanted because they found that it also helps with Neuropathy, which I have. She should talk to her doctor about this, most doctors know about it. She will need a referral for a test to see if it will help. The device information can be seen at this address:   https://www.nevro.com/

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