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We are going to do our best to keep these forums on topic. Please keep these on topic.


  1. Questions for Baptists

    If you have a question for a Baptist you can ask them here. All replies are community based and does necessarily reflect Online Baptist position. All posts are reviewed by moderators before being displayed publicly. 

  2. Biblical Issues

    Discussions about Biblical issues.

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  4. False Religions

    Forum to discuss Roman Catholicism, Seventh-Day Adventism, Mormonism, Jehovah Witness, Freemasonry, Messianic Judaism, and others.

  5. Soulwinning Forum

    Need help soulwinning or have a soulwinning tip? Post it here

  6. Creation / Evolution

    All news articles and threads that pertain to creation and evolution are t be posted in here.

  7. End Times/Bible Prophecy

    A forum for Bible prophecy, information about the rapture, tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ, ect.

  8. Music

    A forum for Songs, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. No rock or Christian rock please.

  9. Prayer Requests

    Post all Prayer requests in here for us all to pray for. Lets lift up each other in prayer.

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    • I got my hopes up a bit thinking he might be able to come home Saturday. But the doctor wasn't really keen on that, and Randy agreed that he is not ready to come home.Well, physically, anyway. LOL So he is staying there for now. His birthday is Monday, so it would be nice if he could come home that day. But we will see. His hematoma is shrinking, but it is still pretty large and he still has a good bit of pain when he walks, bends his knees.  His red blood cell count is up a bit, which means the anemia is righting itself. His CK count is WAY better - it was over 5000 yesterday, but it is down to just over 2000 today (still too high - should be in the 300s). Praise the Lord it's coming down. We don't now about the DVT yet. They are giving him Warfarin orally, and he's still on the Heparin via IV. Both the hematoma and the DVT should be dissolving with that. We have another guest speaker for Sunday lined up. But I'm missing his preaching/teaching. 
    • I am hardly likely to be up at that time Salyan;. These days I sleep in late.  Today I was up before 7.00 but that is unusual these days.   
    • I feel like board time is probably six-seven hours behind GMT, so you’d probably have an advantage, Invicta!  You can  post at 6:55 am  and beat all us sleepyheads. 😉
    • The only time we recognise is GMT.  Standardised time was introduced when we got the railways.  The time in Bristol was something like 11 minutes different from London, so they had to introduce a "mean time" to balance that out so the raillways could have a reliable timetable. I have no idea how board time will match with our time, so I won't be partaking, but Happy Birthday  
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