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    • Please pray for people lost and deceived by the Mormon cult. My wife and I just finished witnessing to 3 mormons, 2 are their female missionaries and the other was a male member of their congregation they brought along with them. My wife and I met with the 2 girls last week as well. During the conversation we had the girls were getting noticably upset when I would ask them to show me what they believed in the Scriptures. When a topic would come up and I would turn and read a passage from Scripture they would recoil from it. The guy they brought with them, who was a former missionary, said he would like to talk again but the girls said they did not think they could talk to us anymore.  Most people do not waste their time with Mormons. My grandfather was LDS and died believing he was off to become a god of his own planet. I know first hand the destruction their cult can cause. They are lost souls that need Jesus Christ.
    • OK then, since it is apparently so difficult to understand.... You posted this: I asked: You replied: Now please note: NOWHERE IN THE BIBLE PASSAGE YOU QUOTED DO YOU SEE EITHER RUSSIA OR THE MUSLIMS MENTIONED. I then replied: Note that I said I thought it was probably reasonable speculation, but YOU STATED IT AS OUTRIGHT FACT ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. In STATING IT AS OUTRIGHT FACT you are going beyond the Bible. As unlikely as it appears to us today, you have to agree that it is possible (Incredibly unlikely, but possible) that in some way the Muslim religion ceases to exist before the time of the passage to which you refer. And as unlikely as it appears to us today, it is possible that Russia could cease to exist before the time spoken of in the passage you refer to. THEREFORE because of the fact that you STATE THESE THIGNS IN THE TERMS OF A CATEGORICAL FACT you are going beyond the Bible. It is really not all that difficult to understand. State the exact same premise in the terms of likely speculation, or even in terms of probable fulfillment, and I have no problem - I actually agree that in light of what we know today, your premise is the most likely - BUT IS IT NOT BIBLICAL FACT. And for reference I mentioned that people at one time thought that Napoleon was the anti-Christ. It seemed to make sense to them at the time, but THEIR SPECULATION WAS WRONG A good number of people also thought that Hitler was the anti-Christ. It made sense to them at the time, but THEIR SPECULATION WAS WRONG.   And by the way, there is no indication of Muslims in the Bible - it is various brands of Arab peoples that can be referred to Biblically, but not muslims in general. The fact that the overwhelming majority of Arab nations are also Muslim is true, but biblically irrelevant. You can point to various brands of Arab peoples and SPECULATE about a muslim link, but biblically the only true link that can be made is to their Arab heritage, not their religion per se.   In STATING SUCH THINGS AS OUTRIGHT FACT you are going beyond the Bible, and that leads to dangerous places.      
    • Welcome! Thank you for letting us know about you and your ministry.
    • Welcome.
    • Hello all.  My name is Robert Reynolds.  I am an independent, dispensational, King James Bible believing, Baptist missionary in Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines.  My family and I have been in the Philippines, as of next month, for eight years.  If you all do not mind, please pray for, me, my family and the ministry that the Lord has entrusted us with, that he will use us mightily for his glory, to reach the Filipino people.  Thank you all so much.  God bless you all.
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