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Please do not promote and "Rock" or so called "Christian Rock" in these forums.

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    • I saw recently that a coupla Amish men fled on foot from the cops who were pulling over their buggy for erratic steering. The men left behind evidence they'd been drinking alcohol heavily in their buggy. Now, the cops are stuck with the buggy & horse for now. (I don't know what branch of Amish they are.)   OTOI, I have a friend who just had a home partially built by Amish. They built all the framework & installed all the doors & inside walls, as well as the roof & outside walls. They paused while infrastructure for electrical & plumbing/sewage was installed by other contractors. Then, they finished.  They were brought to work in trucks each AM & picked up by the same trucks each eve. Using all hand tools, their work was of the highest quality. Their price was more-than-fair.     Unfortunately, they're among the hardest people to lead to Christ. I've had more success with moonies and Moslems.  Hard to change people who believe they're already saved !
    • Paul wrote, on authority from the Holy Spirit, that, especially for gentiles, the observation of Sabbaths, special feast days, etc. as well as the eating or non-eating of certain foods was a matter of individual conscience, and to not criticize one whose own conscience was different.  While I don't believe any man-made, non-Scriptural doctrines of faith/worship, I don't criticize others solely for worshipping on Saturdays. However, in the US, Saturday worship meetings are almost part of a cult, such as SDA. Several of those cults try to follow those parts of the "Mosaic" law that are fairly easy for them to obey, ignoring the rest, and God's statement that if one lives by "the law", one must live by every jot & tittle of it, which, of course, no one can do, & was done only by Jesus. In all that, those cults have made their own little storefront jesus, which is neither actual Lord or Savior, but is a man-made character like Santa Claus or Spider-Man.
    • Actually, they DO; they just don't know their tribal or national identity now, except for the Jews. Remember. God said the coming 144K special witnesses would include 12K from each tribe. GOD knows who they are today.   I readily admit they're likely mixed with other peoples, same as many Jews are, but if their genealogy could be traced to ancient times, they'd be from old Israel.   And yes, there's SPIRITUAL  Israel, which can include anyone, racial Israeli or not. It consists of all Christians of all peoples. And it's separate from physical Israel.  God has plans for both physical and spiritual Israel, as He's made plain in Scripture.
    • You might want to add a disclaimer to the top of this thread.  "Would like to get input from true (Bible-believing, Calvinist) Christians on this sermon in development." Matt are you answering DDixon 🙂  
    • With our prayer meeting on Wednesdays our pastor has been teaching subjects.  NT Survey Sermon On The Mount Apologetics and now Psalms 119. Each week a new letter from the Hebrew and the eight accompanying verses. All of these studies have been great. I'm really enjoying this last one. We just completed GIMEL verses 17-24. I'm looking forward to DALETH.  

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