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A forum for Songs, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs. No rock or Christian rock please.

Please do not promote and "Rock" or so called "Christian Rock" in these forums.

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    • Our church was very small to begin with, but over the last year it has shrunk (due to gossip and folks not liking what the Bible says about their sin...). We are an older church, meaning that most of us are close to 60 or older. And so the various health issues of aging affect us. Other issues do as well. One of our ladies just underwent back surgery. She will be in the hospital for 5-7 days, and then who knows how long to recover, with another surgery in 4-6 weeks. Her blood pressure is too low right now, so she is in ICU. Her name is Linda. Linda's husband, Jim, just found out that part of one of his lungs has collapsed, and there is a mass. Another lady, Pat, has congestive heart disease and is really struggling with water buildup. I would appreciate prayer for these 3 folks, but also for the entire church. With my husband's injury, he is not able to get out knocking on doors, so we are not making contacts. Would appreciate prayer that God will grow our church, both spiritually and physically.
    • Yes...I'm from the other side of the country, Pacific seafood. However, there is a lot that I used to eat that I just don't care for any more. Crab, shrimp. I do still like a good piece of fish. If we go to Red Lobster again before another year, I will likely order salmon. 
    • I love chicken also, but never in place of seafood. My ancestral roots are tied to the sea and seafood. Born in Gloucester Mass., oldest fishing port in the U.S.
    • The following is excerpted from The Discipling Church: The Church That Will Stand until Christ Comes , www.wayoflife.org Democracy is another factor that has weakened the discipline of churches. The democratic political movement of modern times was birthed in America. The rule of kings was replaced with the rule of the people. Though America is not strictly a democracy; it is a democratic republic, which is a democracy under the rule of law, the emphasis is still on the rule of the people. The Declaration of Independence championed “the right of the people,” while the United States Constitution begins with the words, “We the people.” President Abraham Lincoln described the U.S. government as one “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” ,.. Read More View the full article
    • Not only Cajun, but CHICKEN! LOL - that just makes our son shake his head every time. Going to a SEAFOOD place and ordering FOWL. heheheh   It's like going to a steak place and ordering hamburger (which I do...). Today my mom and I went to lunch while we waited for her brakes to be fixed. I had fish and "chips" - house made potato chips, warm from the deep fryer.  There was enough to bring home for my supper tonight. Randy wanted me to pick him up a rotisserie chicken while I was out, so that's what he'll be having. Probably the whole thing. Can you tell we like chicken? bahaha!

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