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    • It seems like the preachers of old brought a lot of people to making a decision by peaching it. It certainly is a warning. The problem today seems to be the ecumenical trend toward Billy Graham doctrine. While the IFBs were preaching hard against the sexual revolution, which included sodomites being rejected of God, Billy Graham was including everyone.   “Reprobate”, as defined by the first bible usage, just means rejected of God. (Jeremiah 6:30). We put names on doctrine that, hopefully, represent our doctrine well. Whether we call it the unpardonable sin doctrine, the reprobate doctrine, or the rejected of God doctrine, they all involve God giving up on saving a person. Since no man can come unless drawn, the question is simply how do we identify people of whom God is no longer drawing?  I personally believe that people who obviously hate God have crossed that line, and since so many people are claiming to believe in the God of the Bible, one way to identify false believers is by finding out if they hate biblical teaching, which we first have to identify and articulate.  A lot of “Christians” today hate salvation by grace through faith alone, and once saved always saved. I recently had a man get emotional and angry when I told him that repenting of your sins is works and gave him Jonah 3:10 and other verses.  The only groups of people that the Bible seems to specifically identify as rejected of God are false prophets and homosexuals. The Bible also seems to include the latter as a possible trait of the former.  I believe that my dad is likely reprobate. He has hated even the mention of God, or the Bible for a long time, and has no fear whatsoever to blaspheme God openly.  My uncle is a sodomite, and I have witnessed Romans 1 in him. There is no unrighteousness that he would not do if he could get away with it. I believe that Romans 1 is a warning to us, particularly in the time and place that we live, because Baptist churches are inviting them into their congregations making their flocks vulnerable to all of the unrighteousnesses within them. If we heed God’s warnings concerning them, we might just stave off Gods judgement upon us a little longer, in our nation, in our churches, and even in our homes. If our children fall victim to them, it is very likely that they will turn into haters of God because of it, which is not right, but happens. Even if I did not believe they were rejected of God, I would not allow them in my home or around my children. When we know that a brother is fornicating we ultimately kick them out of church and don’t even break bread with him. How much more the sodomite, given what the Bible says about them?  Bad doctrine ruins lives, both in this world and the next.  I look forward to hearing your words on the matter.  A subject that I would like to explore is actually one that I disagree with many on, including many in the IFBs. I think that the rich young ruler was saved.  
    • Brother Paul, I do not have the time at the moment to provide an extended presentation concerning Romans 1:18-32.  However, I did want to interject a quick post concerning the present progress in this thread discussion.  On the one hand, I myself DO believe that some lost sinners can reach a point wherein God the Father will cease to draw them unto Christ (as per Matthew 13:12-15), effectively making it impossible for them to come unto faith for salvation (as per John 6:44).  Indeed, I believe that some so persistently reject and rebel against faith in Christ until the Lord our God simply gives them up to the utter spiritual darkness which they have chosen for themselves, thus withdrawing any further light from them.  On the other hand, I do NOT believe that your handling of Romans 1:26-27 is precisely accurate in relation to this matter.  I am not quite sure at this point how soon I will find the time to expand on that word of disagreement.  (Note: This would reveal that I myself do believe in a form of "reprobate doctrine" (as you have titled it).  However, I am NOT fully convinced that the "reprobate mind" of Romans 1:28-32 is strictly a description of those who have crossed that line.  Thus I am NOT fully convinced that "reprobate" is the best term to use in describing this doctrine.)
    • I’m not plugging Anderson, but clearly he has a lot of people on the defensive concerning doctrine, and anyone that believes the same  as he does on certain doctrine will be labeled a “follower” of his.  All I seem to be getting is general statements rather than scriptural refutations on the doctrine. When I mention that God gave them up, God gave them over, and God gave them up, all I seem to get in return is “that doesn’t mean what it says”, or “the Pauline epistles generally refute that”, when Paul was the one who wrote it.  I can post the respected preachers of old using those verses to teach the same doctrine, and people will defend the preacher while rejecting their doctrine. It’s like doing a study on cognitive dissonance.  First, people tell me that it is never too late for anyone, then say that it is for some, just not the ones specifically mentioned in the verses that have historically been used to preach the doctrine. Then they pick out a preacher that currently preaches the doctrine and accuse me of being some blind follower of the man, even though I had never mentioned the man, and gave and compared a whole slew of scripture to make my doctrinal points.  I don’t respect a person who can only “win” an argument through guilt by association.  Convince me of how men with men and the women leaving the natural use of the man has nothing to do with God gave them up and over to it, or how God gave them up and over doesn’t mean that God contributed to it. Now we are just down to English grammar and word definitions, because the Bible says it.  This is only hard to be understood for people who don’t have ears to hear it. 
    • A. I love that you at once say you do not follow Andetson and then immediately say you do....... B. Sometimes popular doctrine is popular BECAUSE it is right.... C. People here in general do not like Anderson because he is a proven false teacher, and not just in this matter, but in many matters  D. Your initial premise is a set up for this argument. You have twice said something like "when I see effeminate preachers"...... I would suggest you stop going where effeminate preachers preach, and stop looking for effeminate preachers to be offended by. You won't find them at the church I attend, nor would I suggest at any other church represented here. Plenty who won't follow Anderson and his false teaching, but none who support "effeminate preachers".

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