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    • There is always a desire for me to act 'better' but it's difficult because of testing. When dealing with people who wanna cause harm or impact your life in a negative way, it's a real test to keep a positive outlook. I tend to become pessimistic. It's also hard not to retaliate in the same manner.    I'm too sensitive at the end of the day, even seeing people fight on the streets affect me.   Anyway, I get strength through listening to preaching, spending time contemplating certain passages that can apply to my situation.  I'm grateful for American pastors, for giving everyone around the world the opportunity to hear the truth. I love to hear them speak, the US accent might mean nothing to you, but it's a great cure for depression. I'm trying to remember key points from listening to clips.    My plan is to advance more. Also I need to deal with my 'private' behavior, the one that matters most, the one that shows the real 'you'. For example, I would never insult or cuss anyone in public, but because of the high stress and living conditions, I've sometimes used bad words when alone, with nobody around, to let off 'steam'. I hate this because God is always watching.    I really admire older experienced believers  that were able to overcome struggles regarding different sins in their life.
    • I don’t want to derail this thread. I was thinking of this earlier. I understand, Roby, that you cannot accept our belief in Kjvonly in the english language; however, you do accept it as a valid Bible to read and study from. For the sake of peace, can you at least respect the position of this board and fellowship over what we do agree on? When I volunteered/worked and preached at a Gospel Mission, I used the King James Bible in my teaching and preaching and did not make comments against the other versions (even though some of the other workers and clients there used them) - unless I was asked why I used the Kjv and what was the difference between them. In other words, we fellowshipped over our Bible-based beliefs. I can deal with the occasional comment stating a specific point was based off of a reading in another version (if the Kjv did not have the same reading)* as long as you are not specifically knocking the Kjv to make your point. Does that make sense? I actually think you make some great, informative points in some of these prophecy threads. *I do realize that it may make or break the point you are making if you are honest in stating that a particular doctrine or belief is not based on the Kjv (ie. some/all here may not accept it if they cannot see it in the Kjv) - but I, for one, will respect the honesty, and appreciate you showing where you got a particular belief or doctrine from, if you can state your position in a manner that does not trample on the position of these boards. In other words, less clashing and more fellowship - assuming that is why you came here, right?
    • So for a quick summary, what does the book teach? I don’t believe any “aliens” are abducting anyone, but that it is a demonic delusion people are falling for.
    • It's a loose association of countries that used to be part of the British Empire.  Maybe it's not as 'old' as I thought it was.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_states_of_the_Commonwealth_of_Nations
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