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    • There were quite a few sea creatures that survived the flood, though many perished from the mixing of salt & fresh water. One well-known example is the coelacanth fish.
    • My HS biology teacher, a devout Christian, had a good answer to the evolution question. At the beginning of the school year, he held up a copy of our textbook & said, "This book says that birds evolved from lizards. But that's asking a lot from a lizard. It's asking it to trade in its perfectly-functional scales for feathers, its perfectly-functional jaws for a beak, & then it gets complicated. It's asking the lizard to reverse the bend of its arms & legs, which bend similar to our own, , then to perform the greatest feat of all - to change its body chemistry from cold-blooded to warm-blooded, a profound change which involves THOUSANDS of chemicals & compounds!"    Then, he said, "We know the amoeba is the simplest animal, consisting of a blob of protoplasm containing a nucleus that regulates its chemical activity. The amoeba has no definite shape. But if it evolved into a paramecium, which has a definite shape and a few simple body parts, which in turn evolved into a volvox, a multi-celled animal, then, WHY ARE THERE STILL AMOEBAE IN PLENTIFUL AMOUNTS IN MOST OF THE EARTH????? If they evolved, they shouldn't be here now!"   I never forgot that unofficial lesson!     And, there are new species of plants & animals discovered every year, that couldn't possible have evolved from anything else. I believe God is still creating, though not on the scale He did in the beginning.
    • May be. But I don't believe the series of events will really get rolling til the "beast" comes to power, & the Jews build a new temple in Jerusalem. I don't know which of those will come first, nor how near or far from now they may be. But we DO know the Jews have all the building materials ready, that they recently consecrated an altar to be placed in that temple when built, & that they're breeding animals such as red heifers to be used in temple rites. It COULD be that the beast will broker a deal that'll allow the jews to build that temple without starting a war. I certainly don't know for sure!
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