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    • That is truly great, thank God these people did come through . It is truly awesome what God does 😃    The thought I have is though, does this fit a biblical miracle?  Think about that in the bible the healing is 100 percent, and instant or over a very short period of time.   Look at Jesus' miracles. And what the disciples and apostles performed.  I'm not saying the healing that happened wasn't from God. But was God tipping the scales to help them live through or was it 100 percent biblical miracles?
    • There should be some kind of repentance and a desire to follow God but you have to be careful with judging new believers. Many grow at different rates and turning from sin is really a battle for many and doesn't always happen over night. But there should be some kind of love for God's righteousness and conviction of sin.
    • All men are by nature sinful and loves sin.  When a person realizes his sins under the conviction of the Spirit and the preaching of the word, changes his mind about it and turns to Christ for salvation, would that be called repentance?  Or Do you believe that a person would just trust in Christ without realizing his sinful condition and its consequence and still wanted that sinful life? 
    • Like you posted earlier:       4 hours ago, SureWord said:     It was still hidden from them and when God hides something you will not find it out no matter how much praying or studying you do. We know now looking back because these things have been revealed to us.   ======================== Also,   fwiw,  decades ago I only had one Bible,  RSV,  and from all I read it did not contradict anyone's KJV ,  and for me it was a lot more understandable at the time.   I chose to trust God to reveal what He Wanted,  and desperately asked Him to,  since so many preachers and evangelists were at odds with each other (even more so today). He is so happy to reveal what He means to little children who love Him,  who are called according to His Purpose. Also,  I think 1st John was written to new ('baby') believers,  so they could know what is true,  as it says.  (If they want to know what is true) .  
    • Did you know taht it's cool and rainy here?
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