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These forums are for Independent, Fundamental Baptists. If a post in here is non IFB, it prOBably was a thread that started in another forum and moved into the IFB Forums.


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    • A lot of folks have lost jobs due to the pandemic; so do not get despondent. I will be praying for you and your job interview this morning. May God bless you in your search for a job.
    • Politifact is leftist propoganda. You might as well call it Pravda-fact. The majority of deaths occured because liberal governors placed sick patients into nursing homes as happened to one in New Jersey that my cousin managers. Eighteen residents died because of that decision while 130 of the 135 residents there got sick as well as most of the nurses and staff. Also, if you believe the numbers that came out of China, where the crematoriums could be seen burning via satellite, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Just be careful not to get shot by a "protestor" while you're there.
    • So recently I've lost both my driving jobs; one because they canceled all the bus trips due to coronavirus and the other because I failed my yearly CDL physical due to my Type II diabetes. I have an interview this Friday for a really good job that came "out of the blue" totally surprising me. Without God the deck would be stacked against me in getting it but maybe ya'll can petition the Almighty on my behalf. Thanks.
    • Hope for the best (Christ Jesus will return for us at any moment) but prepare for the worse (he may delay and the country continue to be turned into hell). That's only a good policy, IMO. Maybe an emphasis, because of recent events, on how fleeting things are in this world and even temporal foundations like the US Constitution, law and order, a secure job, good health, freedom to share the gospel and go to church without fear, etc. can crumble quickly at any moment and that our hope should be built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness
    • It could be argued that John the Baptist and later on Jesus was speaking to a nation as a whole to repent (i.e. change their direction) while when preaching to an individual the emphasis is on faith only. A nation can repent and change their ways before it's turned into hell yet not necessarily mean everyone is believing on the gospel of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.. Notice that the disciples of John in Acts 19 repented at the preaching of John (or perhaps Apollos) but still weren't born again?  It seems that repentance in the gospels was being preached at a group of people waiting on their Messiah who were bound to God by a covenant so the situation appears to be different from now. It would be more inline with Revelation chapters 1-3 where repentance is being preached to some of those churches that had saved and unsaved within them.   
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