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A forum for Bible prophecy, information about the rapture, tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ, ect.

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    • You don't stop viruses. Especially one that has mutated as much as this one (33 last count, a Nobel Prize winning viriologist from France, the guy who discovered the HIV virus, thinks the virus contains RNA from the HIV virus and it may have been an attempt to find a vaccine for HIV and it got out of the lab). They run their course and we develop immunity. It's a fact of life. I had the Russian flu (it's third time around in 80 years) when I was a child and it nearly fried my brain. Millions died from that virus but a whole nation's economy wasn't destroyed because of it.  Locking down life is not the way to handle it. And purposely putting sick patients into nursing homes is definitely not the way to handle.  Anyway, we all know that the virus will miraculously go away if Biden wins and if Trump wins again the riots will cure it.
    • And Mohammed told his followers to treat all people of the book well. May be a contradiction. Oh, and they accept Jesus as a prophet. The trace themselves back to Abraham and Ishamel. Now I've heard people say  that Allah is not the god of the Bible. However, that is not necessarily true. Allah in Arabic means God. There was a Baptist pastor at the seminary in Prague one year from Nigeria. He was a master teacher. He could take a complex subject and teach it in a simple way that made it understandable. I often heard him pray in his Nigerian language and in his language. He would use the word Allah as the Nigerian word for God. That was a revelation to me. I asked him about it and he confirmed that in his native language the word for God is Allah. So, it is not restricted to Islam. So, if the Qua'an was translated into English where it says Allah the translation would be God.  I completely agree that Mohammed was not a true prophet. I agree their understanding of Christ, though they consider him the 2nd greatest prophet, is not correct. I also know that not all Muslims are radical, fundamentalists bent on destroying all who do not agree with them. Just like some Christians, those radicals have given a black eye to all. This is an excellent book on the three faiths, the 'people of the book.'
    • Allah told Muhhammed that he was to spread the truth of Islam by the sword to all, and that unbelievers were to submit or be killed off, while Christians and Jews could pay taxes and live, but be second class under Islam! Allah not the God of the Bible, nor was Muhhammed a true prophet!
    • I read that the Beirut Baptist School sustained damage from the blast. I do not know how serious the damage is and hope and pray it is not great. I am sure they will need financial help as will the International Arab Baptist Seminary. 
    • Here is the address to their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=arab baptist theological seminary - abts&epa=SEARCH_BOX Pray for all Lebanese at this time of tragedy. Here is the Facebook page for the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. I remember the first time I met Elie Haddad, the president and lecturer of ABTS. He was returning to Lebanon after living in Canada.  "Why are you returning," my wife asked him. "It is dangerous there. Canada is safe." I will always remember his reply. "When you are where God wants you, you are in the safest place possible. God has called me to return." I read that the Beirut Baptist School received minor damage. Thank God our friend who worked there is safe. Sadly, one of their former students was killed in the blast. . You can support through http://mebo.org/give/abts/. Please mention EMERGENCY BEIRUT RELIEF in the comment.      
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