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A forum for Bible prophecy, information about the rapture, tribulation, the return of Jesus Christ, ect.

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    • Great topic...no time now...off to Morning Service. But I hope to look into it later in detail.  
    • It has been my opinion for several years that Joseph Smith had some knowledge of Islam because of the similarities. Like you mentioned above - They say the Bible is corrupted and must be understood through a “new” scripture. They both talked about angels coming to them about the new scriptures they were to write, and both engaged  polygamy, etc.    im sure Joseph found a book or heard about the Mohammed and I Islam and turned it into a Christian form. Obviously Joseph copied several groups like the baptism view of the Stone Campbell movement, and freemasonry for the temple concept. So I definitely think he  copied some of Islam in his “church”.
    • “there are currently 37 known seperate Arabic editions of the Koran, with thousands of differences between each on of them and the accepted standard version, so even in Arabic still very bad theology!” DaChaser -  I am not sure where you read or seen this, but as someone who has studied Islam for nearly 19 years I am not aware of multiple Qurans. There are different many English Qurans and can be slightly different worded depending on the translator. Too my knowledge I am unaware of any “editions” in the Arabic text. It’s similar to different translations/versions of the Bible where they word things different but mean the same thing.  
    • This coming weekend we will be having Andrew and Shawn Canavan in to present the field of Ireland (we have known Andrew since a baby, and Shawn for 14ish years, so are really excited).  On Saturday, the 15th, the ladies will host an Irish tea with Shawn speaking. Our church is very tiny (seems to be growing smaller on a regular basis), so there won't be many ladies there, but I know it will be a blessing.  While we are having our tea, my husband and Andrew will venture to downtown Port Townsend to do some street witnessing. We have ordered a sandwich sign (hopefully it will be ready in time!) to identify us as not being Mormons or JWs. LOL - yes, that is a concern. When we were able to door knock, folks immediately assumed we were one or the other. Anyway, would you pray for us? For both activities to be used by God as a witness? The town is not very friendly to anything that might suggest that there is such a thing as sin, so...we are not at all sure how this will go over.  I know this isn't the prayer forum, but if you would please be praying, we would appreciate it. We are trying to reach our area, and our governor's mandates re: covid have made it nigh on to impossible. Hubs and Andrew will be masked, as per mandate (sigh) and will have gloves, etc., so that nobody can rightfully raise a ruckus about that. More than anything, we want to get the gospel into as many hands as possible. We have 300 tracts about Jesus' soon return.  Thanks!
    • Whoa...back up the truck! You mean there are now IFB preachers teaching this? Now, that’s disturbing. I remember all that from way back when I was in the Word of Faith/Charismatic movement.  It was known as the “Jesus died spiritually” teaching, at the time. It was this teaching that grabbed my attention the most and made me start to realize I was in the wrong place. Trust me folks, y’all don’t want any part of that.
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