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    • I read that the Beirut Baptist School sustained damage from the blast. I do not know how serious the damage is and hope and pray it is not great. I am sure they will need financial help as will the International Arab Baptist Seminary. 
    • Here is the address to their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=arab baptist theological seminary - abts&epa=SEARCH_BOX Pray for all Lebanese at this time of tragedy. Here is the Facebook page for the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. I remember the first time I met Elie Haddad, the president and lecturer of ABTS. He was returning to Lebanon after living in Canada.  "Why are you returning," my wife asked him. "It is dangerous there. Canada is safe." I will always remember his reply. "When you are where God wants you, you are in the safest place possible. God has called me to return." I read that the Beirut Baptist School received minor damage. Thank God our friend who worked there is safe. Sadly, one of their former students was killed in the blast. . You can support through http://mebo.org/give/abts/. Please mention EMERGENCY BEIRUT RELIEF in the comment.      
    • I am not sure that is true. The Shia wold certainly disagree. They follow the teaching of the Wahhabi school of theology. Just like Christianity there are various school of theology. Others would say they are the ones that most follow the teachings of Mohammed. The Wahhabi school of theology began with Muslim scholar, Muhammad bin Abd al. Wahhab. He, a Sunni, lived in the 17th century. He and his theology are very puritanical and anyone who does not believe as they do are their enemy. I do not believe Mohammed taught this. He called Christian, Jews and Muslims 'People of the Book'. The Quran calls Jews "people of the book' 31 times. 
    • From our psstor.   [13:17, 05/08/2020] Pastor Chris Buss: Thank you pastor for your prayers and concerns. What we witnesses was an unprecedented and unbelievable blast that we haven't seen throughout the whole war. By the mercy of God only we are all safe and the damages to the church are manageable. We had some minor injuries for some members but all are not fatal. Thank God again for his mercy and grace on us as we believe it could have had a more devastating consequences. Thank you for the prayers as they are much appreciated and all what is needed for now. With the many issues simultaneously we are experiencing in this country, we need prayers to preserve our people from loosing hope and depression.  Thank you again for your brotherly love and prayers. Best regards and blessings. Pastor Antoine Skaff  Beirut [13:18, 05/08/2020] Pastor Chris Buss: Via Pastor Jonathan Northern
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