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    • Like you posted earlier:       4 hours ago, SureWord said:     It was still hidden from them and when God hides something you will not find it out no matter how much praying or studying you do. We know now looking back because these things have been revealed to us.   ======================== Also,   fwiw,  decades ago I only had one Bible,  RSV,  and from all I read it did not contradict anyone's KJV ,  and for me it was a lot more understandable at the time.   I chose to trust God to reveal what He Wanted,  and desperately asked Him to,  since so many preachers and evangelists were at odds with each other (even more so today). He is so happy to reveal what He means to little children who love Him,  who are called according to His Purpose. Also,  I think 1st John was written to new ('baby') believers,  so they could know what is true,  as it says.  (If they want to know what is true) .  
    • Did you know taht it's cool and rainy here?
    • Nah. Just have her start in John. She'll get it - and let her know you're open to any questions she might have.
    • True, but those saved jews knew the Promise of God to send the Messiah, and that was whom their faith and hope were in!
    • OK, I'm KJVO all the way but I'm trying to encourage my sister to read at least the gospels but I know she'll have trouble with the style. She never made it past 8th grade. Should I encourage her to start with any version as long as she reads the "bible"? I first started out with a NIV but eventually "saw the light".  Also, my mother is reading the Living Bible (ugh) but I don't want to discourage her. At least she's reading something that resembles a bible and that alone is a miracle with my family and I've heard it said it's better to read and believe any version of the bible than none at all. What is your opinion?
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