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  2. Scripture has not changed, but language has. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales have not changed, but you do not read them in Chaucer era English. Why? Because English has changed. The same is true with English. Just look at Shakespeare and his language. The English of the King James translators is not the same as the English you speak. Thus, we need scripture in the current language. There are numerous obsolete English words in the KJ that are not understood by everyone, such as 'sottish,' 'bittern,' 'besom,' 'amerce,' 'beeves' just to name a few. And there are words that have changed meaning, s
  3. Has scripture meaning changed since 1611 or since the time it was written for that matter? No. While a good grasp of root language is helpful in some instances, alone, it cannot convey the contextual meaning of authors. For that, the material itself must be studied. A deep study of a word out of context and without cross referencing of an author's whole work, is a foolish errand. In fact, I am quite confidant when I say that the person who only knows rudimentary English and has a good ability to cross-reference scripture, using only a King James bible, is more apt to teach than the g
  4. Has the English language changed since 1611? Has scholars understanding of Greek and Hebrew improved since 1611?
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  6. Brethren, Maybe if we took the words of John Young in the above quote we may arrive at his intended thoughts. Maybe if you looked at every word that John Young mentioned concerning "cross-referencing" you may understand his intentions better and find less fault or excuses to accept the reasoning for changing the Authorized Version by using the Greek and Hebrew. Quite frankly, Every last translator of these modern versions, starting from the Revised Version of 1881, uses the Greek and Hebrew language (and all language difficulties), as a pretext to justify their changes to the Authori
  7. Thank you for the link to Brother James Melton. Both of those links re-directed me to a Facebook page. I do not use Facebook so I found a link to a website link. http://www.biblebelievers.com/jmelton/
  8. I agree with you. The root words are important to understanding what is written. I know just enough Chinese to realize that there are words in that language that cannot accurately be translated in one English. For instance the Chinese word, quanxi, can not be translated accurately in one word. It would take several paragraphs to get an idea of its real meaning. The same is true of numerous Greek and Hebrew words. The Greek word for sin can be translated as: Evil Bad Offense Transgression Guilty Stray And there are more English words that can be
  9. It depends on who has admin access to the YouTube channel. If he has admin access it’s super easy to change the video title. It only takes a couple minutes. The thumbnail banner would be done during the video editing process, prior to upload. I would expect he’d have some say over titles, given that they represent his sermons. Mind you, I am not really bothered by his titles, nor am I trying to put him down. I know I referred to them as “click-baity,” but I actually kind of get a kick out of them! They make me chuckle. I guess I’m odd, that way!
  10. I’d like to think that is the case, but based on the way he talked about the languages he seems to express a sentiment that I have seen many other express and he seems to have a disdain for the study of biblical languages. Its very rare to see someone attack Hebrew and Greek lexical study and to yet somehow still believe the languages are profitable.
  11. I'm pretty sure he is referring to Greek and Hebrew studies that are often done without regard to the immediate context and biblical understandings. Such as those who go to the Greek understanding of "hell" "hades" "tarturus" etc while not considering the biblical understanding. Many study the language etymology above all biblical consideration to the contrary of the general, cultural, alternate meanings of a language that actually have little to do with the textual usage. Word meanings do have their place but a generic study of a word alone can only take the reader so far in understanding the
  12. Pretty good.Im not a fan of his jab at Hebrew and Greek though. The fact that he describes Hebrew and Greek study along the lines of “words and word root” studies as if that was the sum total of what Hebrew and Greek study entails tells me that he probably most likely has not studied Hebrew and Greek and is probably ignorant of those languages. There is a good amount of helpful grammatical information that can be gleaned from Hebrew and Greek that can help with interpreting the scriptures. that point about the Apostles and Jesus not ever referring to Hebrew or Greek is really a
  13. THE IMPORTANCE OF CROSS REFERENCES - James L. Melton Far too often I see Christians privately interpreting the Scriptures by saying things like "Well, I think it means this" or "Brother Jones said it means that." In their minds, they honestly believe that their opinion is just as sound as anyone else's, even when they use no Scripture to support their position. "I'm entitled to my opinion, and I believe it this way" is often the only argument they have. This childish way of handling the Scriptures has produced a generation of brain-dead Christians who know nothing worth knowing and b
  14. Reports are coming in that the world leaders gathered at the UN have walked out, and for the first time the UN is empty as everyone refuses to reenter the building. Reports suggest that the delegate from Canada dared to suggest that pineapple on pizza was not only acceptable, but indeed delicious. This highly offended the delegate from Italy, who in his grand speech waxing grand about the delicate flavors and ingredients that should be on pizza and never tainted by pineapple, declared Canadian bacon to be fake. The normally unflappable Canadian was brought to tears as he attempted to remain ca
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  16. Not anymore. In his new edition and videos he repented of that false teaching and stated that he was in error. He teaches faith alone for salvation now in all dispensations.
  17. OK. Thanks for the reply. It would be fun and interesting, I believe, to sit and have a cup of coffee together which would give us time to sit and discuss topics such as this.
  18. I believe that both of your questions are answered in my first reply.
  19. Why would any IFB watch or listen to this kind of thing? Do they not have a local church to attend? This kind of thing appeals to those that do not attend a local church. If you are a member of a local church you have no business turning to things such as this, or any other for that matter, even if it is not heritical.
  20. Do you believe Christ, as you said, God in the flesh, knew of his crucifixion from infancy or, because he was flesh that knowledge came on gradually as he in the flesh matured? I guess another way to phrase the question is did Christ know everything about his physical life and events in that life from birth or not?
  21. Christ is God-in-the-flesh. As such you could say He knew from the foundation of the world. Not only did He know, but He also set the exact time. I don't believe that what is depicted is an awl, an awl has a round shank, it is a very large square nail, the point of which is pointing directly at the hand it was pictured to pierce. Luke 24:40 (KJV) And when he had thus spoken, he shewed them his hands and his feet.
  22. The statue made me wonder, at what age did Christ know he was going to be crucified? Do you have an opinion on this question.
  23. I just scrolled until I found the one I could understand. It's the last one. They look great. Praying many people come to know the Lord as a result of the tract.
  24. Signs are looking good. We're thinking about getting one for our entrance way to our church.
  25. Some of the young men in our church have been involved in an effort to create and translate this tract into multiple languages. We've also been organizing printing them in English, French, Tagalog, Hindi and Punjabi and sending them to various churches. Here's a link to the electronic versions in case anyone finds this useful! https://www.flipsnack.com/VBCPublishing/?fbclid=IwAR1B_nINp7m7UoTG-HjcCa88HBtmNhpB2liQHe_E7vCS59XNiGu0feRewvI
  26. Well, there is some good news! Candle went in for another test, and they found no spot! So one of two things: God healed it, or it was a shadow the first time. They want her to have a bone scan, and she is praying about that. Great news, eh? But please keep praying for them both.
  27. Will do. We got our A-frame sign yesterday. It's beautiful (although the text I sent them left off the end quote of a verse, so they did - and I didn't catch it in the proofing! Ugh...thinking about putting an asterisk on the beginning quote LOL). I'm uploading them here so folks can see them. The sign itself is 3 feet or so tall and at least two feet wide. One picture fills one side, and the other fills the other side. The tract the men will be using is "Jesus is Coming Soon." My hubs felt that, given what is going on in the world today, it would be very appropriate.
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