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They say that musicians are eccentric people that can only be understood by other musicians. Ehhh, maybe...

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  2. OLD fashioned preacher

    The Song That Never Ends.

    I know how I would write it (think about putting a loop into a computer program) but I had never thought about doing such until you mentioned it. (Of course, weird runs in the family).
  3. Jim_Alaska

    The Song That Never Ends.

    Now I know I am a dinosaur, I have no clue what you are talking about.
  4. Musician4God1611

    The Song That Never Ends.

    So I'm constantly thinking about musical notation, and how I would do certain things. Well, I ask my pastor's wife and daughter (both musicians) "have you ever thought about how you would write the music to The Song That Never Ends?" To which the mom stares at me in unbelief, and the daughter exclaims, "YES!" So are we the only weird ones out there, or do other people sit around thinking about things like that?