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So, you want to be a man?



We Need Men
(chapel message and boys camp)

Boys, we need men today. This country is in a drought for real men. We have too many sweet smelling, long haired, earring clad, aqua-net pretty boys trying to be men nowadays. We need real men! Men work; men spit; men stink of sweat, and are not afraid to talk up; be a man! We don’t stand in front of a mirror all day primping, and spraying our hair with hair spray! (They don’t make a man’s hair spray, it is all the same inside the can!) We need some men to be men!

How many of you have been in a fight this year? How many have ever been in a fight at all? If you didn’t it’s because momma is afraid her little boy will get hurt! Have any of you had a “shiner” to show off? Men fight. They may be loving and kind at home, and ought to be, but they should not be afraid to fight either. Momma needs to cut those apron strings and let you out of the bag! You don’t see any real men any more, not unless they are over forty! Maybe that’s why we have so many queers making eyes at our boys, because they (our boys) have not yet learned to be men. How are they going to learn dad, unless you teach them? You are going to have to man-up first! Men punch queers right in the nose! (Oh, excuse me, that is not “politically correct”). the Bible says “Quit you like men” that doesn’t mean to stop, and run, it means to finish the jOB; to complete it until the end. Here is one Dictionary meaning of the term quit:

Don’t Quit!
Here is one Dictionary meaning of the term quit:

“To carry through; to do or perform something to the end, so that nothing remains; to discharge or perform completely.” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of American English).

Another thing it can mean is to quit acting, quit looking, quit walking and talking , and quit fighting LIKE WOMEN! The world needs some men who are determined to be men, and not namby-pamby, good for nothing, wimpy, cry-baby boys who have not yet left their mommy’s side. We don’t need any more “he-she’s” where you can’t tell the difference between men and women; we don’t need any long haired, tattooed, wide-eyed boys who call themselves men because their daddy told them they were! You ought to stand so that no one doubts that you are a man; we need to get back to being men. Reclaim the title, young men; don’t let women’s lib push you around; don’t let Uncle Sam tell you that we are all equal and all of the same mold. Stand up, and be a man! Don’t be a half-and-half, a wishy-washy womanish sissy, be a man! We need bonafide, purified, justified, qualified men, that’s what America needs.

If you want to be a real man, stand up! Right there where you are, come on, stand up. If you are in the category I just mentioned, you need to stand up, let others know that you mean business. Stand up, and start being a man! Start with Jesus, He was a man like no other; He was a man’s man. It takes a man to stand for Jesus; it takes guts! Are you man enough? Will you stand up for Jesus? Will you be a witness for Him? Don’t be afraid, women are afraid; children are afraid; be brave; be bold; take a stand for Jesus. Now, go out and do that outside of these doors. Be a man out in the world--that is the true test of a man; can you take it? Are you too chicken to tell someone about Jesus? A chicken stays home and lays eggs; a chicken cackles a lot, but doesn’t do anything; is that you? You young people have an inroad with other youths that we adults don’t have--use it! Kids your age will listen to you more easily than they will me; go and tell them before it’s too late. Stand up and be a man.

A Real Man
Don’t fall for the fakery of the world; they’ll tell you a man is the guy that gets into the most trouble; they say a man is into drugs, not afraid to drink liquor, or to chase women--young men, THAT IS NOT what a man is. A man is Christ-like; a man will be ridiculed nowadays just for acting like a man! Are you up to it? Can you take a little heckling? A man has to take a lot to be a real man. It doesn’t come by osmosis; it isn’t easy to be different, but a real man will be different because the world has not seen many of them these days. Do you want to be a man, or a grown-up wimp? Just being of the male gender does not make you a man!
The church needs real men; our society needs real men to lead the way; our schools need real men because their daddy’s aren’t man enough to teach them! A high position does not make a man, a man; a cigarette dangling out of the mouth of a youth does not make a man a man; Tattoos don’t make a man, neither does getting “high”, a man is made out of grit! He is made from adversity; he has character---the character to do what’s right!


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