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The Baptist Name Abandon

E Morales


By the late Dr. Art Wilson


Dr. Art Wilson Five Times Past President Of Baptist Bible Fellowship International What a romance! He met her when she was a pretty, vivacious 19-year old. The beam in her eyes, the upstanding moral decency and her effervescent personality literally stole his attention away from all other girls. Before her 21st birthday, he had persuaded her that nothing or anyone else on earth could make his life as happy and as fulfilling as could she. Embracing her at the wedding he whispered, “I love you truly, truly dear.” Then speaking out before God and witnesses he said, “I will cleave only unto thee as long as we both shall live.” What a romance! They each had considered God’s way was to “be fruitful” and expressed their desires mutually to raise a family. Not only was she to him all that a man would desire in a mate– a good cook and housekeeper– but an abiding best friend and a lover.


In unison both their desires were met and they were drawn even closer together by the children born to their happy and enjoyable union. After one year a baby boy brought ecstasy into their home. They drew even closer in all ways. After 18 years of super joy and satisfaction, he became somewhat cold toward her. It was hard for her to understand what was changing him. He had met a man at his job who also had a large family but had begun to grimace under the financial and social responsibilities. That man caused him to think likewise. So, without notifying either wife, they left and outright abandoned their own “darling” wife and “precious children” and moved without even a goodbye note, to another state. Not only did “darling wife” and “mother” of his seven children get abandoned but it was learned years later that he even spelled his name differently. I know this story quite well. His “darling” was my mother and that man led astray was my father. They never saw each other again. As it was way back then, so it is and far worse today.

Some men can’t take it when the burden of a family becomes their’s. They are easily led astray and can drop their family and go under another name because “true husband,” “faithful father,” and “dependable provider,” are too antiquated for them. Neither do they reflect the more progressive spirit of today’s society. Now think of the thrilling and moving SPIRITUAL romances some of our fine men in the ministry have had in their past. Courted by the Holy Spirit in a Baptist church, saved by Christ the Saviour in a Baptist Church, baptized in the name of the Father and the name of the Son and in the name of the Holy Ghost in a Baptist church; taught and trained in a Baptist Church and/or Baptist school; called of God to preach because of a Baptist church or Baptist youth camp; and for most of them– found their wife in a Baptist church or school; then were ordained to the Baptist ministry (to the upholding of the historical and Biblical Baptist distinctives); and then ultimately became pastor of a Baptist church, persuading that body of Baptists that they believed what the Baptists have always believed.

Such ones were asked (or it was assumed) that they were in harmony with “the trail of blood,” and like my father, they couldn’t say enough praise for their “sweetheart of faith and obedience to the faith,” but now– again like my father– they and their misled people want to drop and abandon the name Baptist.(Gal.5:7 & 3:1).As Paul wrote to the Galatians, I must state and ask this question: “Ye did run well (took a strong, unashamed stand for all Baptist doctrines), who hath bewitched you that you are so soon removed?”

The Scriptures also declare that in these last days mankind will not endure (stay with) sound doctrine but will want to go with the ear-ticklers. (2 Tim.4: 3). Further, because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (Matt.24 12). Unlike the terms “transgression, wickedness, lewdness and abomination,” all of which speak of the vilest, the term “iniquity” refers to the counterfeit. This then is saying that because so much counterfeiting is going on, millions are being deceived because they can’t tell the difference. My mother used to warn us thusly: “all that glitters is not gold.”

The amount of your education, the size of your church or the importance of your position and/or community popularity have not made you immune from Satan’s counterfeit, high-sounding seductions before which others– even stronger than you– have fallen. Did not the “MAN OF GOD” who was specifically told by God to do his job but not to go to anyone’s place to eat or drink, prove that? He did his job. He was true to his ordained calling. He then obeyed God as he refused the king’s invitation to eat and drink in the palace. He was again true to his ordained calling. He obeyed also by going home on the prescribed road. All the way thus far he is a dedicated fundamentalist role model for younger servants of God who may well have had their eyes on him and secretly desired to be like him. But now comes the bad news. Another “preacher” who had already left his roots of truth, came to the man of God, supposedly to console him (and of course, “help” him), and invited him to come back to his house to eat and drink. Again,

God’s good servant was true to his ordained calling. He told the other “preacher” that God had told him he could not go to anyone’s place to eat or drink. (“Let God be true and every man a liar.” Rom. 3:4). So the other “clergyman” said: “I am a preacher too, just like yourself, and God told me to invite you into my home for fellowship, eating and drinking.” On that basis, the man of God decided to leave God’s basics– (trust and obey) and departed in fellowship with the other “nice preacher.” The Bible says that the “nice preacher” lied to him. Like all of us, he was not immune from Satan’s trick– “spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Eph.6:12). That was the end of his ministry.

When he left the “nice preachers” house, he was killed by a lion. Take heed, preacher, the Devil is as an angel of light first and then as a roaring lion secondly, and walks about seeking whom he may devour. (I Pet.5:8). Back during the time of World War II, a Methodist preacher knocked at my door. He was obviously very upset. He said it was a heavy burden on his heart. He told me that he could not bear it another day– “God has made me come to you.” He was very angry because he had heard me preach “Eternal Security” on the radio. He called it “a damnable doctrine.” In two hours he had received Christ, and yes, “Eternal Security.” He was so overwhelmed with God’s amazing grace, he immediately asked if I would come to his church and present some sound doctrine. I told him yes, but I said, “they will fire you.” He thought his friendship with the District Superintendent would prevent that.

The newspaper head line read: “Baptist pastor conducts Methodist revival on doctrine.” On the 7th day, that “loveable and friendly” district superintendent had a secret meeting with the church board at 6 p.m. He led them in firing their preacher and stayed for the service so that he could inform the congregation of the action and also announce that to keep down any further problems, the doors would be padlocked. He told a packed, standing-room only crowd, “We are sorry to have to do this, but your speaker has not been declaring `Methodist Doctrine.'” I was sitting on the front seat, waiting for time to preach, but when he said that I had not preached Methodist Doctrine, I Jumped to my feet and said, “Just a minute, Sir, let’s check that out.” I then turned to the audience and said, “The first night I preached on `God, the Creator’; the second night on `The Passover Lamb’; the third night on `The Virgin Birth’; the fourth night on ‘The Blood Atonement’ the fifth night on `Jesus, our Substitute on the cross’ last night, it was on

`The Bodily Resurrection of Christ’ and tonight I’m preaching on `The Literal Bodily Return of Christ.'” Then I said, “I didn’t know that you Methodists didn’t believe these things and are all religious infidels, as this man is saying.” The next day, the newspaper headline read: “Methodist preacher is fired for having Baptist preacher.” Two days later it read: “Baptist pastor to baptize fired Methodist preacher and wife.” He became a strong Baptist preacher for 45 years. He is in Heaven now. He was honest and honourable– he sent his Methodist ordination certificate back to them with the statement: “Since I no longer believe as you do, I count it my moral and spiritual duty to return this ordination certificate.” Every pastor who has led or will lead his church to drop or abandon the name “Baptist” should be as honest and honourable as that preacher and send your ordination certificate back to the Baptist church that believed you were telling the truth when you were ordained. As in marriage, the vows are unto God first and then to your mate.

Are preachers becoming as fickle and uncaring about their ordination vows as people are about their marriage vows? Is it that easy also to divorce the truth (your spiritual darling) you once deeply cherished? One preacher is quoted as saying: “We dropped the Baptist name because we found it to be offensive and therefore a hindrance to our desired progress.” Another said: “That is not the road people want to travel nowadays.” Still a third one said: “Like any business, you must go where the traffic is, and it’s not on the Baptist boulevard any more.” Be honest with God, yourself and your people! Answer these questions.

Did you drop the Baptist name (or plan to) because (1) Creation is not true?

(2) The Old Testament prophets of God were fiction writers?

(3) Because the virgin birth was impossible?

(4) Because the One called Jesus, the Christ, was a good man but not God incarnate in flesh?

(5) Because the blood from His body on the cross was not efficacious or the only element to atone for man’s sin?

(6) Because the touted MYTH of the bodily resurrection from the grave is supported even today by numerous religious “intelligencia?”

(7) Because salvation is no longer by grace through faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ alone, plus or minus nothing?

(8) Because His ascension back to the Father’s right hand is a “fairy tale?”

(9) Because He presently is the only mediator (contact or connection) between God and man?

(10) Because Christ’s return in the body is unrealistic, or certainly not soon?

(11) Because baptism is no longer the “like figure” (picture) of the death, burial and resurrection of the Son of God, nor does it matter what mode, what “church”, or by what authority it is administered?

(12) Because the Lord’s Supper (Communion) is in no way exclusive but is to be in Promise Keeper’s style (everybody) where Jew, Gentile, Catholic, Moslems, Mormons and 25 other groups were “partaking” –making us all one body? Every sound-doctrine Baptist church should immediately demand public repentance from their pastor, or fire him, for breach of covenant if he partook of “communion” there or anywhere else in like manner. He is a traitor to his ordination vows!

(13) Because the old Biblical teaching such as, “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them,” (Eph.5:11); “Come out from among them and be SEPARATE,” saith the Lord; “Have no” means “don’t get started.” “Come out” means if you find yourself already in the mixture, be a “man after God’s own heart” and obey–come out! Not tomorrow but today!

(14) Because staying strong as a true Bible-believing Baptist doesn’t represent the aggressive, progressive spirit of today’s society and is destined to become obsolete and you don’t want to be behind all the religions in your city, even though you are associating with the groups that are at work toward the one world anti-Christ church, whose theme is “Tear down the walls” (of doctrine) and (differences). The fact that what a preacher gets involved in when he abandons the Baptist’s biblical beliefs of the centuries of doctrine mentioned herein can only mean– like it or not– he has moved into the camp of the compromisers, either ignorantly or in the company of those “who will not endure sound doctrine.” Because I have some good preacher friends who have been bewitched by this master-counterfeit program, I can do no less than believe that “all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for CORRECTION and for instruction in righteousness….” (2 Tim. 3:16).

Lastly, what will it be like at the Judgment seat of Christ when we stand face to face with Him Who founded the church and gave her the doctrines? It won’t be rewarding when we have to admit that for money, prestige and earthly popularity we abandoned what He first established! Could I possibly be true to God or to you who hear or read these words if I fail to give you Christ’s own instructions– “Come out of her, MY people.” (Rev.18:4). And “MY sheep hear MY voice and they follow ME.” (John 10:27). A Man of God who preach to the End. Praise God”

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(By Dr. Art Wilson, August 1988)

“Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it” (Psalms 127:1). Without a doubt, God wanted just such a church. Draw your own conclusions from the facts here set forth.

I was a Colorado-born and raised, young man. My ministry grew swiftly after preaching my first two sermons, back to back. The first was on a street meeting at the corner of 18th and Larimer Streets in Denver, the second, in the Denver Rescue Mission, just a half block away. That was September, 1933.

Much of my early ministry included leading the congregational singing, training choirs, and singing solos. That was because of two things: (1) music was all my service for Christ for two years previous, and (2) music men were very scarce. Remember, we are talking of the great depression days.

From September of 1933, until February of 1937, I was kept busy in meetings throughout Colorado. That month, I received an invitation from the College Hill Baptist Church (Central at Erie) to come for a meeting in the Fall. It commenced in Mid-November and concluded the week following Thanksgiving (3 weeks).

The Pastor had expressly requested that I would speak to the church on the evils of the old Northern Baptist Convention (now American Baptist) and show them how to get out and to become Wichita’s first “Independent Baptist Church”.

That night I spoke on the subject. The Pastor and Board of Deacons of the Faith Baptist Church (1400 South Broadway – now Immanuel) attended at the Pastor’s invitation, specifically to hear what I would say because that church, too, was a convention-controlled church.

After the service, that pastor and those deacons stayed to talk with me. God had moved and challenged their hearts. The result: they invited me to hold a meeting at their church and during it to preach that same sermon and give the same instructions to their congregation (about five times larger than College Hill’s).

When the night came, God gave a packed house and a powerful meeting. I could not, as a visiting preacher, preside over the business of a church vote on the matter in either church, but as God’s preacher, I could and did say, “Now that you know the truth, how many believe that your church should stop supporting Bible-denying schools and professors and get out of the Convention and that when your pastor brings it up at a business meeting, you’ll vote for withdrawal?” At College Hill, the vote was unanimous (about 93-0). At Faith, there was one loud dissenter against over 500 who stood for the truth.

Summarily the two pastors were overjoyed, and stated that at their next church business meeting, they would take the official vote. They declared that they looked forward to the joy and liberty of an independent church.

Before leaving to return to Colorado, both pastors and their deacons, knowing I had a large tent (60×120), asked me if I would come back to Wichita for a tent meeting that the two churches would sponsor. A date was set – about Mid-August.

In the meanwhile, we were corresponding on the coming meeting. I returned to Wichita for three days in May to search for a location. It was at that time I leased and paid for the use of a city block in Mathewson pasture, between Central and 3rd Streets and two blocks east of Cleveland. I also made contracts for radio time and newspaper advertising. It’s a good thing I did, as you’ll see momentarily.

By Mid-June, I received letters from some families in each church, telling me that they did not know what happened, but that their pastor did not bring the convention matter to the floor for a vote at their recent business meeting and were acting “strange” when approached on the matter.

Because I was in a battle with the School Board, Chamber of Commerce, and a few prominent citizens in the city of Ft Morgan, Colorado, over banishing the Bible from the school (mind you, this was 1938) and could see my meeting there would need to be extended, I wrote both pastors to tell them. I also said that I would be starting the Wichita meeting on Labor Day Sunday night; that I would arrive Thursday and needed much manpower to get the tent up, seats and platform built, etc.

Soon I got the shock of my life when I received a registered, special delivery letter from both of them the same day. They said the same thing. “If you can’t start when you first said, the surely the meeting is not of God, so we will not sponsor the meeting either financially or in attendance of our people. In fact, if you come, we are convinced that the meeting will be of the Devil and utterly fail.”

I laid the letters on a chair and got down to pray, asking the Lord what to do. He did not delay His answer, but assured my heart that I should go to Wichita anyhow, and that He would be with me and see me through. He also said, “Just pray for those men, but do not mention the matter at any time.”

I obeyed God and kept His promise. For seven and one-half weeks, the meeting was glorious, but it became so cold we had to stop. So on Thursday night, October 27th, I announced, “The meeting closes tonight, but we are going to begin the first ‘Independent Baptist Church’ in Wichita on Sunday morning.”

In December, the 3rd and Cleveland property was purchased. On January 1, 1939, a ground (and snow) breaking service was held. On May 14, 1939, we moved into the Tabernacle.

There are a thousand other details, but I’m convinced God wanted to do it like He did.

Then came the Second World War and people flocked to church in great numbers. Hearts were heavy and sad as nearly everyone had a loved one on the battlefield and they were seeking help and comfort. At almost every service, the Tabernacle was packed and it was not unusual to see anywhere from 6 to 15 or even 20 people accept Christ at each service. The summer campaigns in the mammoth tent were filled to capacity. I can remember on special occasions when the children had to sit on the platform and a number of people stood around the tent on the outside because all the seats were filled. God gave Brother Wilson many sermon topics that were especially appropriate for that time such as: “The End of the OPA”. The Gold Star in God’s Window”, “The World’s Greatest Blood Donor”, “What Kind of Death Will Adolph Hitler Die””, “Is Roosevelt Our Last President?”, and scores of others.

On April 9, 1944, a Sunrise Easter Service was held at 6:00AM at Linwood Park. At 3:00 in the afternoon, the Corner Stone was laid for a new Sunday School Building. This additional space was desperately needed.

In May of 1944, the Gospel was taken to Plainview with the “Christ for Plainville Campaign” just across from Plainview on Oliver. Assisting Rev. Wilson with song leading was Revis McGrew.

September of the same year brought the “Back to Christ and the Bible” campaign in the big tent at Mathewson and the first with Evangelist Art Wilson and the famous Chicago Jubilee Gospel Singers.

On November 5, 1944, the church sponsored a great Christian rally at the Wichita Forum. Four thousand to forty-five hundred turned out to hear Rev. Wilson speak on “Who Does God Want For President?”

The year, 1946, brought the “Downtown Gospel Crusade” with the Myers Evangelistic Quartet in the big tent at Waco and Douglas. It was during this meeting that Bud Dickson was saved. He presently pastors a large church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The members of the church under the leadership of Bro. Wilson were always ready to get the Gospel out to the people regardless of the cost. This has been manifest by the many meetings that have been held in the City Forum, which had a seating capacity of approximately 20,000.

From August 26 through September 16, 1945, the church sponsored the “Christ For Greater Wichita” campaign at the City Forum with Rev. Wilson doing the preaching and Cy and Susie Ramseyer furnishing the music. It was during this meeting that Rev. Wilson brought many wonderful illustrated sermons with the final one being, “The Great Judgment Morning”.

At the close of one of those Forum meetings (and let me say here, that those meetings usually lasted until 10:30 or 11:00 at night. Getting out at 9:00 was unheard of in those days.) Well anyway, at the close of the meeting, Rev. Wilson announced that he would like to see all the friends and members of the church at a special meeting at the Tabernacle as soon as everyone would have time to get over there. Now, I ask you, what other kind of a meeting could Brother Wilson have that late at night and in the midst of a revival meeting, except to raise money. Such was the opinion of many people who went on home. Can you imagine our astonishment and great disappointment when we found out the next day that it was not a meeting to take up a special offering as we had supposed, but the wedding of Brother Art Wilson and Elaine Sweet.

On March 28, 1948, the City Forum was again the site chosen for the giant Easter service – three of them, in fact: 10:30am, 6:00pm and 7:30pm. Let me say here, the City Fathers didn’t invite our pastor and church to hold meetings in the City Forum. To the contrary, those meetings had to be booked in advance and at a pretty steep price too. But where there is no vision, the people perish and our people had a vision to get the Gospel out to as many people of Wichita as they could.

Also in 1948, Ike Foster and Olson Hodges were sent to the Mission Fields. In June, 6 men were ordained as preachers: Homer Ritchie, Bert Rudder, Bill Williams, A.V. Callaway, Clyde Billingsley, and Charles Chaney.

Then in August, we had our first church-wide picnic with games, contests, races and surprises. This turned out to be such a success that we have made it an annual affair.

The Tenth Anniversary in 1948, was celebrated by a Bible School. This was not unusual as most of our anniversaries were celebrated by an eight-day Bible School, with preachers coming in from mall over the state. There were usually six or eight speakers during the day and two or three at night. But the 1948 Bible School was unique in that all the speakers, singers, etc., who were to take part on the Program were those who began their Christian work in the local church. Nearly 50 Gospel Workers had gone from this church into full-time fields in the first ten years.

The year 1949 brought many blessings. In March, our pastor held a revival in Salina. On Wichita night, large continental buses transported our choir and people to the meeting. Besides being a help in the meeting, much good fellowship was had by everyone. In May our church held a Mission Conference with Bill and Lois Logan from China. Jacob Rosenthal, the Jewish friend of our pastor, put on the Passover Feast. Then in July, came five weeks of “The Heaven and Home Campaign” at George Washington Blvd., and Lincoln and Estelle, with Heaven, itself, as its only roof for it was the first out of doors revival the City had ever known. Five of America’s great Gospel preachers shared the speaking role: Rev. Wilson spoke the first week, followed by Curtis Thorpe of Odessa, Texas; Bill Dowell of Springfield, Missouri; Charles Dyer from Arizona; and Harvey Springer of Denver, Colorado.

In January and February of 1951, we had another citywide meeting in the Forum. Bill Frerking led the singing, Art Barr, a Gospel Artist from Denver, drew beautiful pictures that kept the audience spellbound, and Emil Aanderud, a trumpeter, furnished the special music, along with Raymond Miller, the nine year old boy who played 15 different musical instruments. Over 100 souls were saved and many were baptized and came into the church.

Our Easter services were again held in the Forum Arcadia with the Chicago Jubilee Singers furnishing the music. Then in April, Art Wilson went to prison. This was snot just an ordinary prison, but the famous Folson Prison in San Francisco Bay which is a United States Federal Prison especially for dangerous criminals. Rest assured, Rev. Wilson wasn’t sent there; he was invited to speak to the prisoners. What a great opportunity that was to be able tell those people who have no hope in this world that they can have hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Northeast Campaign at 13th and Oliver was held for three weeks during August of 1949. Elmer Manor from Houston, Texas; DA Cabin from Fort Worth, Texas; and Captain Edgar Band with the Intelligence Department, each spoke a week during the meeting.

On the 13th Birthday, new hymn books were presented by the members’ special offering.

The year, 1952 started out with “Back to God” rallies in the City Forum for 8 consecutive Sunday nights. This was followed by 15 nightly meetings in the Forum Arcadia in February. In March, a new $4,600 organ was presented to the church by 11 individuals.

In August, 1953, groundbreaking services for an addition to the Sunday School building was held. The Junior Department had to move to the Washington School building because they had outgrown their present quarters.

A citywide “Special Dedication” revival campaign, with Evangelist George Hodges from Jacksonville, Florida, was held at the Tabernacle in April, 1956.

In 1963, our 25th Great Silver Anniversary was observed by an eight-day Homecoming, Statewide Bible Conference with some 35 of our preacher boys doing the speaking. What a joy it was to hear and see those who had been called out of our church so many years before. Dr. D.A> Cavin, who surrendered to preach before the church was a year old, was the main speaker and Gary Smith, who was still attending Bible Seminary, was the youngest of the group. It was at this conference that the money was raised to send Brother Wilson to the Holy Land.

The boys and girls had a great time in August, 1964, during our daily vacation Bible School which was conducted by Ray Wilson, in the form of a big top Bible circus. A large tend was erected behind the Tabernacle and what went on under that tent was positively fabulous. Stories were acted out each day as children sat in awe. The boy who brought the most new ones that week (over 40) won an airplane trip over Wichita. Everyone, including the adult workers, had a wonderful time.

In October, 1965, Brother Wilson was honored by being nominated the President of the Bible Baptist Fellowship International. He had led the Fellowship in that capacity three years straight – 1959-1962. The Lord used him in a mighty way and gave him the physical and spiritual strength he needed to uphold this office.

In December, 1965, our church was honored with the presence of the “World’s Biggest Christian”. Standing 7’8″ tall and towering over everyone, Max Palmer gave his testimony as to how the Lord had saved him. We were all amazed at his size and thankful the Devil had lost a real “Goliath”.

Our Music Department made a sacred music record in the year 1966. Much time and work went into this record but all were pleased when the record finally came back in its colorful folder. New hymn books were also purchased this year. Then in August of 1966, we bid farewell to the Dwight Billingsley family, missionaries to Lebanon. A fellowship was held and the short program included a speech from John Stevens, the Wichita Mayor who was in Lebanon and who had a special interest in those people in that country. Brother Wilson then presented the Billingsleys with a check for $2,200 from the church to care for their fares and freight.

The Church’s Annual Missionary Conference in 1967 brought besides several missionaries and their families, a singer by the name of Richard Miller. The unusual thing about this musician was that he was born without arms or legs. Nevertheless he played his own organ and guitar and accompanied himself while he sang. He was a real blessing to everyone and certainly a challenge to those of us who have all our facilities, showing the Lord can use anyone who is willing to use their talents for him.

February, 1968 brought a contest between Brother Wilson and his wife. He threatened to “beat her” each week and succeeded several times. Although Mrs. Wilson spent the last four weeks of the contest sick in bed, her side accumulated a 70-point margin of victory. All the preacher could say was, “I hate to go home now”.

In March, 1968, we were privileged to have a former Circuit Riding Preacher, G. N. Stratton of Louisville, Colorado, to speak. Thirty-five years previous, he had placed confidence in a young preacher and opened his pulpit to him. That is how Rev. Wilson was encouraged and got his start.

On August 17, 1969, Ray Melugin became the 2nd pastor of this great church. Dr. Wilson going into full-time evangelistic work. Under the leadership of “Bro. Ray” as he is affectionately called, the church grew to an average of nearly 800 during the late 70’s and 80’s, with a high day of 1,307. The bus ministry grew to be the largest in the state of Kansas with over 400 riders on 9 buses. The church missionary outreach includes the support of over 70 missionaries in over 330 foreign fields.

In 1971, the three four-plexes, north of the church parking lot, were purchased for $60,000. Later they were used for Sunday school rooms and elective classes for the school. Also one was used as a Missionary Guest House for a few years.

In the spring of 1973, Brother Ray felt a burden for Christian education. He shared this burden with the church and led them in voting to start a Christian school which served Kindergarten thorough 12th Grade. Classes started in the Fall of 1973 with an enrollment of approximately 58.

As our bus ministry grew under Brother Ray’s leadership, a large three-bay bus barn was erected in 1979 for the purpose of servicing and maintaining church buses. On row of four-plexes were removed so that the bus barn could be built.

As students graduated form Baptist Tabernacle School and were seeking college entrance, Brother Ray again was burdened for college education for the young people of our church. In the Fall of 1980, Heritage Baptist University of Wichita was born. Dr Michael Schepis, who has pastored for over 40 years, now serves as Administrator of the College and Clyde S. Billingsley, Jr. serves as Director of Development. Both of these men were saved at the Tabernacle and called to preach in the 40’s.

In 1978, Brother Ray received his Doctor of Divinity Degree. He was serve don the Missions Committee at Baptist bible College for several years and has also been Trustee of Baptist Bible College. He served for several years as Moral Majority President for the State of Kansas. He has also been involved with Concerned Citizens for Community Standards. For the past several years, Brother Ray has been the Regional Representative for Accelerated Christian Education for the State of Kansas. This involves visiting every A.C.E. School at least once a year.

In 1968, Dr Melugin saw the need for church relocation. After much prayer, seeking the Lord’s direction and fasting, Brother Ray led the church in voting to relocate as the Lord opened doors. During the next year, the church continued to pray for direction. Also, during the next year, God was leading another church toward a common pathway between the two. Two great churches found two great needs met as God led them together to continue the Gospel ministry at 2209 East Pawnee, former location of the Gideon Baptist Church. This is an ideal location adjacent to I-35 Bypass on Pawnee Street. This location ha high visibility and excellent accessibility from all four directions, and not more than 15 minutes from any location in the city limits. Gideon Baptist Church was founded by Dr. Martin Ralstin who was saved, baptized, called to preach, and ordained in the Wichita Baptist Tabernacle. He founded the Gideon Baptist Church in 1954.

We have tried to bring you some of the highlights in the Tabernacle’s history, but it has not all been moutain-top experiences as we might have led you to believe here. There have been many valleys of sorrow, disappointments and heartaches too. There came times when we had to say good-bye to many of our faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord. Some of them moved to other parts of this country, while others moved on to that Heavenly country.

Our present goals are the same as our original goals: Preach the Gospel to every creature. Baptize believers. Help start new churches. Meet the needs of God’s people. Train young people to turn out right for our Lord.

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    • Thank you for the fine sermon, and illustration, of the doctrine of the preservation of the written word of God. Jeremiah 36:1-32 is an excellent illustration of God preserving His word.
    • I appreciate the sermon and the appropriate quotes by some of the founding fathers of the United States: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin,
    • Yes, in spite of his environment, and his parents, and his conversations with God, Cain went bad and chose evil. A fruit tree without fruit is not much value. Jude 11-16 You are correct, a lot of people, saints included, do not want the punishment that they deserve. Folks try and justify the sins in their life, or, try and minimize their sins with no true repentance, in order to get rid of punishment. Cain is a warning to the saints and to the sinners. I appreciate your quote
    • It would have been much better if this was said at the beginning.
    • Repentance means a change of mind and heart toward God concerning sin.   When a person realizes that he is a sinner, repents of his sin, it is not a work.. repentance of sin is not a work.  A person who loves sin will not trust in Jesus.  Only those who realize their sinfulness and its condemnation, and need for deliverance would trust in Jesus as Savior.  Jesus said, I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance (Mark 2: 17) .     There is no physical effort or physic
    • That's a very heavy rock to carry, thanks to the Grace of God, we do not have to carry it . When a person hear the gospel of salvation for the first time, can he or she accept Christ, for salvation without realizing they are a sinner. Do you want to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior? Yes I do, just pray and say I believe in Jesus. That it, that easy? I believe a person must realize, that he or she is lost, and that we were born sinners.         (Repent means to realize)     
    • My question is you said that repentance of sin is a physical work, so do you believe that the sinner must repent of sin and believe to be saved, or you believe that it does not involve repentance of sin to be saved?   Do you believe that salvation is by works or by grace?      IS REPENTANCE OF SIN A WORK THAT YOU MUST STRIVE FOR? Thursday, May 14, 2020   According to some modern preachers, that repentance of sin is a work that you must strive for, that in order
    • Both, with the soul and physically. You have to be alive and breathing. Not by good works, (effort) but we seek to do good works, after we are saved. To please and be obedience, to  God. Not to be a busybody pleasing some pastor or man.
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