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How can I get to Heaven ?

E Morales


Answer YES OR NO to these simple questions 


How can I get to heaven by going to church ?

By giving money to the poor  

By giving money to your church  

By memorizing a certain prayer 

By repetition of a single prayer  

By trying not to be a bad person  

BY not eating a certain meat 

By Obeying the ten commandments  

By living a drug free life  

BY not smoking or drinking alcohol  

By having a bible in your home  

By getting baptized  

By becoming a member of a church  

By talking in strange tongues  

By telling other people you are a christian  

By praying to the sun or to nature  

By praying to some prophet that lived then died  

By loving your friends and family? 



Thank you for taking time to read these questions. On Earth, there is no perfect church right now, and heaven can not be purchase in anyway or with anything.

There’s only one way that we can to get to heaven. My friends, first we must believe in Gods Words.

That tells us, that you and I are sinners, and that we all fall short to the glory of God. One day we will all die because of it, SIN.  We all must realize we are sinners, repent of our evils ways and accept Jesus Christ, as our personal savior.

Why not do this today ?

I did, in the year 1987. Then you will receive the holy spirit. He will teach you and guide you the rest of your life,

On what we should do, and what we should not do.

Note: We now live to follow Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit that is now living in us, we do not follow Man rules or traditions that try to make you earn your way to heaven, We seek Gods Word only, that are found to His Holy Bible. KJV preferred but not only.

Read the bible in the book of Romans,  Chapters 3-23  6-23  5-8  10-9 and 10-10. These verses will help and guide you closer to Christ.

Please read also John Chapter 3-16 and 3-17 in your king James Bible. I pray that God bless you and your family.

If you accepted Christ as your personal Savior today, " Praise God.” Now you need to go and find a bible preaching church that preaches Gods Word.

The Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and by hearing Gods Word. The Holy Spirit will guide you to the right one.

Be not afraid, for the LORD will always be with you.

Thank you

E Morales with The Glory Land


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