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Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature



Old things are passed away . . .

I was on the broad way (road) leading to destruction (Matthew 7:13).
I was lost (Luke 19:10; 2 Corinthians 4:3).
I was condemned already because of my unbelief (John 3:18; compare 1 Corinthians 11:32).
I was a lover of darkness (John 3:19).
I was under God's abiding wrath (John 3:36) awaiting God's coming wrath (Luke 3:7; Ephesians 5:6; Colossians 3:6).
I was an ignorant worshiper (John 4:22).
I was an evildoer deserving judgment (John 5:29; compare 3 John 11).
I was of the world and from below or beneath (John 8:23).
I was yet in my sins (John 8:21,24; compare John 20:23).
I was a child of the devil (John 8:44).
I was a Christ-rejecter (John 12:48).
I was a Christ-hater (John 15:18) and a hater of those belonging to Christ (John 17:14).
I was under the power of Satan (Acts 26:18; 1 John 5:19).
I was unthankful, not giving honor to God (Romans 1:21).
I was unrighteous (Romans 1:29-31; 3:10; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).
I was under sin (Romans 3:9) and sin-sick (Luke 5:31-32).
I was unprofitable (Romans 3:12; compare Philemon 11).
I was without the fear of God (Romans 3:18).
I was guilty before God (Romans 3:19).
I was a sinner (Romans 3:23; 5:8).
I was without strength (Romans 5:6).
I was ungodly (Romans 5:6; 4:5).
I was God's enemy (Romans 5:10; Colossians 1:21).
I was a servant (slave) of sin (Romans 6:17,20; John 8:34).
I was deserving of death (Romans 6:23; compare 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9).
I was in the flesh (Romans 7:5; 8:8).
I was in danger of perishing (1 Corinthians 1:18; 2 Corinthians 2:15; Luke 13:3,5).
I was a natural man who considered the things of God as foolishness (1 Corinthians 1:18; 2:14).
I was under God's curse (1 Corinthians 16:22).
I was blinded by the god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4).
I was part of this present evil world (Galatians 1:4).
I was dead in trespasses and sins (Ephesians 2:1,5; Colossians 2:13).
I was walking according to the course of Satan's world (Ephesians 2:2).
I was a child of disobedience (Ephesians 2:2).
I was a child of wrath (Ephesians 2:3).
I was without Christ (Ephesians 2:12).
I was an alien from the commonwealth of Israel (Ephesians 2:12).
I was a stranger from the covenants of promise (Ephesians 2:12,19).
I was one who had no hope (Ephesians 2:12) and no foundation (Luke 6:48).
I was without God in the world (Ephesians 2:12).
I was far off (Ephesians 2:13).
I was walking in the vanity of my mind (Ephesians 4:17).
I was one whose understanding was darkened (Ephesians 4:18; Romans 1:21).
I was alienated from the life of God (Ephesians 4:18; Colossians 1:21).
I was ignorant (Ephesians 4:18).
I was blind and hardened (Ephesians 4:18).
I was given over to unbridled lust (Ephesians 4:19).
I was corrupt according to deceitful lusts (Ephesians 4:22).
I was once of the darkness and of the night (Ephesians 5:8; 1 Thessalonians 5:5; 1 John 2:11).
I was in the realm and under the power of darkness (Colossians 1:13; Luke 1:79; Acts 26:18).
I was one who did not know God (1 Thessalonians 4:5).
I was foolish (Titus 3:3; Romans 1:22).
I was disobedient (Titus 3:3).
I was deceived (Titus 3:3).
I was one who served various lusts and pleasures (Titus 3:3).
I was one who lived in malice and envy (Titus 3:3).
I was one who was hateful and was hating one another (Titus 3:3).
I was a sheep who had gone astray (1 Peter 2:25).
I was one who lived in the flesh to the lusts of men (1 Peter 4:2).
I was one who walked in lasciviousness, lusts, abominable idolatries, etc. (1 Peter 4:3).
I was sensual, having not the Spirit (Jude 19).


Recommended Comments

behold, all things are become new

My salvation is fully accomplished (John 19:30).
I have eternal life as a present possession (John 5:24; 6:47; 1 John 5:11-13).
I have Jesus Christ as my present possession (1 John 5:12).
I know the one, true God (John 17:3; 1 John 2:3; 5:20).
I have been saved by His grace (Eph. 2:1-10).
I have been justified by His grace (Tit. 3:7).
I have passed from death unto life (John 5:24; 1 John 3:14).
I have been quickened (made alive) by God (Eph. 2:1,5; Col. 2:13).
I have been made fit for heaven (Col. 1:12).
I have the forgiveness of sins (Eph. 1:7; Col. 1:14).
My sins have been taken away (John 1:29; Heb. 9:26; 1 John 3:5).
My sins have been completely purged (Heb. 1:3).
My sins will never be remembered by God (Heb. 8:12; 10:17).
I have been washed (1 Cor. 6:11; Tit. 3:5; Rev. 1:5).
I will walk with Christ in white (Rev. 3:4-5).
I have been healed by His stripes (1 Pet. 2:24).
I have been forgiven all trespasses (Col. 2:13; 1 John 2:12).
I have been fully justified (Rom. 4:5; 8:30; 1 Cor. 6:11; Gal. 2:16; Tit. 3:7).
I am reconciled to God (2 Cor. 5:18-19; Col. 1:20).
I am made nigh by the blood of Christ (Eph. 2:13).
I am redeemed through His blood (1 Pet. 1:18,19; Eph. 1:7; Col. 1:14).
I am redeemed from the curse of the law (Gal. 3:13).
I am redeemed from all iniquity or lawlessness (Titus 2:14).
I am bought with a price (1 Cor. 6:20; 7:23).
I am delivered from so great a death (2 Cor. 1:10).
I have been delivered from this present evil world or age (Gal. 1:4).
I have been delivered from the power of darkness (Col. 1:13).
I have been delivered from the wrath to come (1 Thess. 1:10).
I will not come into condemnation or judgment (John 5:24; Rom. 8:1).
I am a child of God (John 1:12; Rom. 8:16; Gal. 3:26; 1 John 3:1,2).
I am a son of God (Gal. 4:5-7).
I belong to Jesus Christ (Gal. 3:29; 5:24).
I have been adopted (Gal. 4:5; Rom. 8:15,23).
I am an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ (Rom. 8:17; Tit. 3:7).
I am an heir of the grace of life (1 Pet. 3:7).
All things are mine (1 Cor. 3:21-23).
I possess all things (2 Cor. 6:10).
I will inherit all things (Rev. 21:7).
I am enriched by Christ in everything (1 Cor. 1:5; 2 Cor. 9:11).
I am a fellow heir (Eph. 3:6).
I am rich because of Christ (2 Cor. 8:9; Rev. 2:9).
I am blessed with every spiritual blessing (Eph. 1:3).
I have obtained an inheritance (Eph. 1:11,14; Heb. 1:14; 9:15; 1 Pet. 1:4).
I have been appointed to obtain salvation (1 Thess. 5:9; Heb. 1:14).
I am His inheritance (Eph. 1:18).
I am a partaker of His promise in Christ by the gospel (Eph. 3:6).
I am a new creature (creation) in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17; Eph. 2:10; 4:24; Col. 3:10).
I have been renewed by the Holy Spirit (Tit. 3:5).
I am accepted and highly favored in the Beloved One (Eph. 1:6; cf. Matt. 3:17).
I have been seated in heavenly places with Christ (Eph. 2:6).
I am to the praise of His glory (Eph. 1:6,12).
I am light in the Lord (Eph. 5:8).
I am a child of light (Eph. 5:8; 1 Thess. 5:5).
I am a "peculiar person," even God's special, purchased possession (Tit. 2:14; 1 Pet.2:9).
I am a priest who can offer spiritual sacrifices (Heb. 13:15-16; 1 Pet. 2:5,9; Rev. 1:6; 5:10;20:6).
I am a king who will reign (Rev. 1:6; 5:10; 20:6).
I am privileged to have fellowship with the Father and with the Son (1 John 1:3).
I dwell in Christ (John 6:56; 1 John 3:24; 4:13,15,16).
Christ dwells in me (John 6:56; Gal. 2:20; 1 John 3:24; 4:12-16).
I am in Christ (John 14:20; 2 Cor. 5:17).
Christ is in me (John 14:20; Col. 1:27; Rom. 8:10; 1 John 4:4).62. The Spirit of God dwells in me (Rom. 8:9; 1 Cor. 3:16; Eph. 2:21-22).
The Spirit of God dwells (John 6:56; Gal. 2:20; 1 John 3:24; 4:12-16).
I am not in the flesh but in the Spirit (Rom. 8:9).
My "earthen vessel" houses a great Treasure (2 Cor. 4:7).
My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6:19).
I have been blest with the gift and pledge of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 1:22; Gal. 4:6; Eph. 1:13-14; 1 Thess. 4:8; Tit. 3:6; 1 John 3:24; 4:13).
I have an anointing (unction) from the Holy One (1 John 2:20,27).
I am one of the "called" of Jesus Christ (Rom. 1:6; 8:28-30; Jude 1; Rev. 17:14).
I have been called unto the fellowship of God's Son (1 Cor. 1:9).
I have been called unto eternal glory (1 Pet. 5:10).
I have been called with a holy calling (2 Tim. 1:9).
I am a partaker of the high, heavenly calling (Phil. 3:14; Heb. 3:1).
I have been called out of darkness into His marvelous light (1 Pet. 2:9).
God foreknew me (Rom. 8:29; 1 Pet. 1:2).
God predestined me to be conformed to Christ's image (Rom. 8:29; Eph. 1:5,11).
I have already been glorified according to God's mind and purpose (Rom. 8:30).
I am eternally secure in God's love (Rom. 8:38-39).
I am chosen in Christ (Eph. 1:4; Col. 3:12; 1 Thess. 1:4; 1 Pet. 2:9; Rev. 17:14).
I have been chosen to salvation (2 Thess. 2:13).
I am complete in Christ (Col. 2:10).
I am beloved of God (Col. 3:12; 2 Thess. 2:13).
I am chastened and disciplined by my Heavenly Father (Heb. 12:6-7).
I am part of that group that Christ is not ashamed to call His "brethren" and "friends" (Heb. 2:11; John 15:14-15).
I am a child of Abraham (Gal. 3:7).
I am Abraham's seed (Gal. 3:29).
I enjoy the blessing of Abraham (Gal. 3:9).
I am a child of promise (Gal. 4:28,31).
I am faithful (Rev. 17:14).
I am a sheep in His flock (Luke 12:32; Heb. 13:20; 1 Pet. 2:25).
I am a member of His body (1 Cor. 10:17; 12:27; Eph. 3:6; 4:25; 5:30).
I am a stone in His building (Eph. 2:20-22; Heb. 3:6; 1 Pet. 2:5).
I am a branch in the Vine (John 15:1-7).
I am a child of the kingdom (Matt. 13:38; compare Mark 10:14-15).
I am born again into His family (John 1:12-13; James 1:18; 1 Pet. 1:3,23; 2:2; 1 John 5:1).
I am one of God's people because He graciously claims me as His own (1 Pet. 2:10; Rev. 21:7).
I am a fellow citizen with the saints (Eph. 2:19).
I was baptized into Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:3; Gal. 3:27).
I was identified with Christ in His death (Rom. 6:3-6,8-11; 2 Cor. 5:14; Col. 2:12,20; 3:3).
I was identified with Christ in His resurrection (Rom. 6:5,8,11; 2 Cor. 5:15; Gal. 2:20; Col. 2:12; 3:1).
I died to sin (Rom. 6:2).
My "old man" was crucified with Christ (Rom. 6:6).
I have been crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20).
I have crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts (Gal. 5:24).
I am alive unto God (Rom. 6:11,13; Gal. 2:19,20).
Christ is my life (Phil. 1:21; Col. 3:4).
I can walk in newness of life (Rom. 6:4).
I can serve in newness of spirit (Rom. 7:6).
I can live unto righteousness (1 Pet. 2:24).
I died to the law (Rom. 7:4; Gal. 2:19).
I am delivered from the law (Rom. 7:6).
I am not under the law but under grace (Rom. 6:14).
I have God's laws written in my heart (Heb. 10:16).
I am married to Jesus Christ (Rom. 7:4).
I am a partaker of Christ (Heb. 3:14).
I am identified with Christ in His suffering (2 Tim. 2:12; Phil. 1:29; 1 Pet. 2:20; 4:12-13; 1 Thess. 3:3; Rom. 8:18; Col. 1:24).
The knowledge of God is made known by me (2 Cor. 2:14).
The savor (aroma) of Christ is made known by me (2 Cor. 2:15-16).
I am an epistle of Christ (2 Cor. 3:3).
I am being changed into Christ's glorious image (2 Cor. 3:18).
I am being perfected (Phil. 1:6).
My inward man is being renewed day by day (2 Cor. 4:16).
I have put on Christ (Gal. 3:27).
I am not of the world (John 17:14,16).
The world is crucified unto me (Gal. 6:14).
I am crucified unto the world (Gal. 6:14).
I am separated unto the gospel of God (Rom. 1:1).
I am set apart and sanctified in Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 1:2; 6:11; Heb. 10:10; Jude 1).
I am holy (Col. 3:12; Heb. 3:1; 1 Pet. 2:9; Rev. 20:6).
I am clothed in His righteousness (Rev. 19:8).
I am a saint (1 Cor. 1:2; Phil. 1:1; Col. 1:2; Rom. 1:7).
I am faultless in Christ (Eph. 5:27; Col. 1:22; Jude 24).
I am perfected forever (Heb. 10:14).
I am not my own (1 Cor. 6:19).
I am called unto holiness (1 Thess. 4:7).
I am a citizen of heaven (Phil. 3:20).
I am a stranger and pilgrim who is not at home in this world (Heb. 11:13; 1 Pet. 2:11).
I have been translated into the kingdom of the Son of His love (Col. 1:13).
I am circumcised in my heart (Col. 2:11; Phil 3:3; compare Deut. 10:16).
My faithful God will sanctify me wholly (1 Thess. 5:23-24).
My faithful God will keep me from evil (2 Thess. 3:3; 2 Tim. 4:18).
Christ has made me free, free indeed (John 8:32-36; Gal. 5:1; 1 Cor. 7:22).
Jesus Christ is my Deliverer (Rom. 7:24-25).
I am free from sin (Rom. 6:7,18,22).
The law of the Spirit of Life has made me free from the law of sin and death (Rom. 8:2).
I am God's servant or slave (Rom. 6:22).
I am Christ's servant or slave (1 Cor. 7:22).
I am a servant or slave of righteousness (Rom. 6:18).
I have been called unto liberty (Gal. 5:13).
I have the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16).
I have a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7).
Christ has given me an understanding (1 John 5:20).
I have the righteousness of Christ (2 Cor. 5:21).
I have all sufficiency in all things (2 Cor. 9:8).
I have all things that pertain to life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3).
I can ever be content for I have Christ (Heb. 13:5).
I have all the armor and weapons I need (2 Cor. 10:4; Eph. 6:10-17).
I have God's all-sufficient grace (2 Cor. 12:9).
I have grace to help in time of need (Heb. 4:16).
I have God's power (Eph. 1:19; 3:20).
I have access to the Father (Eph. 2:18; Heb. 4:16).
I have a great High Priest (Heb. 2:17-18; 3:1; 4:14-16; 8:1; 10:21).
I have an unfailing Intercessor (Heb. 7:25; 9:24; Rom. 8:34).
I have a righteous Advocate with the Father for times when I sin (1 John 2:1).
I have peace with God (Rom. 5:1).
Christ is my peace (Eph. 2:14).
I have rest for my soul (Matt. 11:28-29; Heb. 4:9).
I am led by the Spirit of God (Rom. 8:14).
I am enabled during trials and temptations (1 Cor. 10:13).
I am given assurance by the Spirit (Rom. 8:16; Heb. 6:18).
I am given comfort by God (2 Cor. 1:3-7).
I am tranquilized by His peace (Phil. 4:7).
I am freely given truth and knowledge by the Spirit (1 Cor. 2:12).
I am not distressed (2 Cor. 4:8).
I am not in despair (2 Cor. 4:8).
I am not forsaken (2 Cor. 4:9).
I am not in darkness (1 Thess. 5:4).
God is my Sufficiency (2 Cor. 3:5).
God is my Strength (2 Cor. 12:9-10; Phil. 4:13).
God is my Helper (Heb. 13:6).
I belong to a Sovereign God who works all things together for my good (Rom. 8:28).
All things are for my sake (2 Cor. 4:15).
My God is for me (Rom. 8:31).
My every need is supplied (Phil. 4:19).
I am a laborer together with Christ (1 Cor. 3:9; 2 Cor. 6:1).
I am His workmanship (Eph. 2:10).
God works in me (Phil. 2:13; Heb. 13:21).
God's Word works in me (1 Thess. 2:13).
I am sealed by God (2 Cor. 1:22; Eph. 1:13).
I am on the Rock, Christ Jesus (Matt. 16:18; 1 Cor. 3:11).
I am established securely in Christ (2 Cor. 1:21; 2 Thess. 3:3).
I am kept by the power of God (1 Pet. 1:5).
I am preserved in Jesus Christ (Jude 1).
I am kept from falling (Jude 24).
I have a building of God eternal in the heavens (2 Cor. 5:1).
My name is forever written in heaven (Luke 10:20).
I am more than a conqueror, even a super-conqueror (Rom. 8:37).
I have victory through Christ (1 Cor. 15:57).
I have overcome the world (1 John 5:4-5).
I always triumph in Christ (2 Cor. 2:14).
I am indwelt by the victorious Christ who is greater than Satan (1 John 4:4).
Satan cannot touch me (1 John 5:18).
I have a living hope (1 Pet. 1:3).
I have a glorious future (Rom. 8:18; 2 Thess. 2:14).
I have been given eternal encouragement and good hope through grace (2 Thess. 2:16).
I will be preserved unto His heavenly kingdom (2 Tim. 4:18).
I am receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved (Heb. 12:28).
I have a place reserved in heaven for me (John 14:2,3; 1 Pet. 1:4).
I will eat of the tree of life (Rev. 2:7).
I will not be hurt of the second death (Rev. 2:11; 20:6).
I will have a new name (Rev. 2:17; 3:12).
I will have power over the nations (Rev. 2:26; 5:10).
I will not have my name blotted out of the book of life (Rev. 3:5).
I will be a pillar in God's temple (Rev. 3:12).
I will sit with Christ in His throne (Rev. 3:21).
I will be with my God forever (Rev. 21:3-4).

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