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The Maniac of Gadara

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Soul winning messages

The Maniac of Gadara
Mark 5:1-20

We see here several wonderful things about soul winning.

First, Jesus came seeking;
It seems, when we read the text, that Jesus had no other reason for sailing to Gadara than to seek out this “maniacal” man. Jesus sought no other man there, but many came to Him as a result of His miracle.

Even this wild man knew where to find peace and healing.
He was intrigued by death (a sure sign of devil possession)
He was suicidal and masochistic (v. 5)
He was despondent (v. 5)

Jesus sought one “among the dead”; (v. 2,3)
He came to seek the “lost sheep” of the house of Israel.

Secondly, Jesus recognized his need; (v. 8)
He did something about it.
Jesus dealt kindly with him. (vs. 10, 13)
We owe every man a certain amount of kindness.
Recognize that the evil only do what they are compelled to do; they do what is natural for them.

Others will OBserve us;
They that fed the swine were amazed. (v. 14)
They told others about Jesus, causing them to come to Jesus too.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Mt. 5:16...but don’t stop there!

Third OBservation, There will be a change; (v. 15)
He was “sitting”:
Salvation settles us down;
frees us from life’s frustrations and anxieties;
He was clothed:
Public nudity is demonic;
It promotes promiscuity;

It advertises for immorality.

He was “in his right mind:”
Peace comes with knowing Christ as savior;
Our thinking changes, we become aware of Truth;
We become aware of spiritual things…awakened.
We assume the ability to reason and exercise compassion.
We find the state we were meant to be in.

Fourth OBservation: Salvation sets priorities; (v. 19)
Here is the real gist of the message--
The wild man wanted to follow Jesus;
He wanted to become a disciple, and learn from Jesus;
He asked to follow but,
Jesus told him to go tell others!
Is soul winning paramount to discipling?

He did what Jesus bade him to do;
And “all men marveled” at it. (v. 20)

Soul winning, according to our Lord, is more important than “sitting at the feet of Jesus”, which is what we would all prefer!

Go and tell others what Jesus did for you!
We do not have to be “Bible scholars” to do His will!
We do not have to be Bible scholars to witness for Christ.

With the mission accomplished, Jesus left as they bade Him to do. (v 20 and v. 17)
He did not leave until the work was done.
He embarked the ship, but waited to sail until he had instructed the cured man.

Jesus remained in control; they asked Him to leave, and He did, but only when He was ready; He put souls first.

Soul winning is important to Jesus, is it important to you?

There is something special that happens when we spend time with Jesus.

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