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The Maniac of Gadara



Soul winning messages

The Maniac of Gadara
Mark 5:1-20

We see here several wonderful things about soul winning.

First, Jesus came seeking;
It seems, when we read the text, that Jesus had no other reason for sailing to Gadara than to seek out this “maniacal” man. Jesus sought no other man there, but many came to Him as a result of His miracle.

Even this wild man knew where to find peace and healing.
He was intrigued by death (a sure sign of devil possession)
He was suicidal and masochistic (v. 5)
He was despondent (v. 5)

Jesus sought one “among the dead”; (v. 2,3)
He came to seek the “lost sheep” of the house of Israel.

Secondly, Jesus recognized his need; (v. 8)
He did something about it.
Jesus dealt kindly with him. (vs. 10, 13)
We owe every man a certain amount of kindness.
Recognize that the evil only do what they are compelled to do; they do what is natural for them.

Others will OBserve us;
They that fed the swine were amazed. (v. 14)
They told others about Jesus, causing them to come to Jesus too.
“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Mt. 5:16...but don’t stop there!

Third OBservation, There will be a change; (v. 15)
He was “sitting”:
Salvation settles us down;
frees us from life’s frustrations and anxieties;
He was clothed:
Public nudity is demonic;
It promotes promiscuity;

It advertises for immorality.

He was “in his right mind:”
Peace comes with knowing Christ as savior;
Our thinking changes, we become aware of Truth;
We become aware of spiritual things…awakened.
We assume the ability to reason and exercise compassion.
We find the state we were meant to be in.

Fourth OBservation: Salvation sets priorities; (v. 19)
Here is the real gist of the message--
The wild man wanted to follow Jesus;
He wanted to become a disciple, and learn from Jesus;
He asked to follow but,
Jesus told him to go tell others!
Is soul winning paramount to discipling?

He did what Jesus bade him to do;
And “all men marveled” at it. (v. 20)

Soul winning, according to our Lord, is more important than “sitting at the feet of Jesus”, which is what we would all prefer!

Go and tell others what Jesus did for you!
We do not have to be “Bible scholars” to do His will!
We do not have to be Bible scholars to witness for Christ.

With the mission accomplished, Jesus left as they bade Him to do. (v 20 and v. 17)
He did not leave until the work was done.
He embarked the ship, but waited to sail until he had instructed the cured man.

Jesus remained in control; they asked Him to leave, and He did, but only when He was ready; He put souls first.

Soul winning is important to Jesus, is it important to you?

There is something special that happens when we spend time with Jesus.


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    • Bro. Jim, Yes, this is me. I guess now everyone will know what I look like. I normally have not, since this time, put any videos of myself up on Online Baptist due to a couple of reasons. Due to the seriousness of some of the doctrinal problems within independent Baptist churches I decided to put up this sermon of myself instead of a written sermon. This in one of the English prophecy messages that I did at our church, Victory Baptist Church, in Hua Lien, Taiwan awhile back. We have an
    • Bro. Alan, is this sermon yours or by someone else? I ask simply because I do not know what you look like and therefore do not know who the speaker is.
    • Thank you for the fine sermon, and illustration, of the doctrine of the preservation of the written word of God. Jeremiah 36:1-32 is an excellent illustration of God preserving His word.
    • I appreciate the sermon and the appropriate quotes by some of the founding fathers of the United States: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin,
    • Yes, in spite of his environment, and his parents, and his conversations with God, Cain went bad and chose evil. A fruit tree without fruit is not much value. Jude 11-16 You are correct, a lot of people, saints included, do not want the punishment that they deserve. Folks try and justify the sins in their life, or, try and minimize their sins with no true repentance, in order to get rid of punishment. Cain is a warning to the saints and to the sinners. I appreciate your quote
    • It would have been much better if this was said at the beginning.
    • Repentance means a change of mind and heart toward God concerning sin.   When a person realizes that he is a sinner, repents of his sin, it is not a work.. repentance of sin is not a work.  A person who loves sin will not trust in Jesus.  Only those who realize their sinfulness and its condemnation, and need for deliverance would trust in Jesus as Savior.  Jesus said, I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance (Mark 2: 17) .     There is no physical effort or physic
    • That's a very heavy rock to carry, thanks to the Grace of God, we do not have to carry it . When a person hear the gospel of salvation for the first time, can he or she accept Christ, for salvation without realizing they are a sinner. Do you want to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior? Yes I do, just pray and say I believe in Jesus. That it, that easy? I believe a person must realize, that he or she is lost, and that we were born sinners.         (Repent means to realize)     
    • My question is you said that repentance of sin is a physical work, so do you believe that the sinner must repent of sin and believe to be saved, or you believe that it does not involve repentance of sin to be saved?   Do you believe that salvation is by works or by grace?      IS REPENTANCE OF SIN A WORK THAT YOU MUST STRIVE FOR? Thursday, May 14, 2020   According to some modern preachers, that repentance of sin is a work that you must strive for, that in order
    • Both, with the soul and physically. You have to be alive and breathing. Not by good works, (effort) but we seek to do good works, after we are saved. To please and be obedience, to  God. Not to be a busybody pleasing some pastor or man.
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