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Is There Not A Cause?

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Is There Not a Cause?

“And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?” (1 Sam. 17:29)

We all know quite well the story of David and Goliath. Many children’s books have been written to dramatize this passage, and yet, many suppose it to be a mere childhood story, a fantasy or fictional tale of adventure. The real beauty of the account is often missed, and often lost in the dreamy world of myths and legends. The real beauty of it is that the Lord will deliver us from the giants of this life. Giant prOBlems can be overcome and defeated with the simplest of weapons and with the Lord as our Champion. All the glamor of the Biblical account is there, and is clearly seen, but the outlying fact is that God is our deliverer; He is our victory. And, after all, “Is there not a cause?”

David asked a very significant question here, one that we need to ponder over and over again, and ask ourselves, “Is there not a cause?” Is there no purpose in all of this? That is a question we must settle for ourselves. Unless we see a purpose, a cause worth giving our life to, we will not endure the hardships of service. There is no room for fear when one grabs hold of a cause; There is no need for questioning when one’s mind is settled on a cause; there is no reasoning contrary to truth when one sees the need, and realizes there is a cause. Do you have a cause? Do you see anything in your life worthy of all your attention and time? I hope you do, I hope you see Jesus in it. He was in the one small stone; The Holy Spirit was in the sling, and guided that missile and slew a giant with it, because David came to him in the name of the Lord (see vs. 45-47). Jesus is/was the stone, and now He is our Rock.

There is a cause folks, there is a need for winning the lost; there is a great need for defeating giants of frustration and doubt; there is a cause to get behind and run with, because there is a need. Join the cause of Christ and become partners with Him in the service of the Father. The giants of fear will melt away, and the joy of the Lord will be yours when you find a cause in Christ. It is said that a man with a cause is unstoppable, but I’ll go one better and say, a man with the Lord is unstoppable, and if that cause is the same as the Lord’s cause there is no limit to what you might accomplish “in His name.” Seek Him; find Him; take Him along with you wherever you go, and be a giant-slayer, after all, “Is there not a cause?”

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