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The Companion Of The Way by H.C. Hewett is probably the best devotional book I have ever read in my life - by devotional, I mean the character studies in this book have challenged me and drawn me closer to the Lord in a way that no other Christian book has. I hope these 12 character studies (plus the Foreward and Introduction, which are part of the studies) truly bless you in your walk with the Lord.

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The Companion Of The Way Ch 1 Abraham

The Companion Of The Way 01 - Friend With Friend - Abraham (Genesis 18) I. THE SETTING -- A MAN AND HIS GOD About midway between the fall of Adam and the Cross of Christ, it pleased God to reveal Himself to a citizen of Ur, in Mesopotamia, by the name of Abram. The impact upon Abram of that appearing, and its consequence in human destiny, are beyond our power to estimate. The true focal points of history are not the wars of nations, not the uprisings of earth's great ones for th


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