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Peter's Fall

And Simon Peter stood and warmed himself. They said therefore unto
him, Art not thou also one of His disciples? He denied it and said, I
am not.(John 18:25)
For our own sakes we should mark the steps which led to Peter’s fall. One was
l. His self-confidence
When forewarned, he resented the Mater’s foretelling, and declared
that though others might deny Christ he never would. When we grow
boastful we are in great peril. Safety lies in a consciousness of our
own weakness, and in implicit trust in God.
ll. The next step toward Peter’s fall was his sleeping in the garden
when he should have been watching and praying. That hour was given for
preparation for temptation but was not improved.
lll. Another step was his rashness in drawing his sword in the garden.
This act made him liable to arrest, and this fact made him nervous and
afraid of recognition. He tried to hide his connection with Jesus,
lest he should be arrested for his assault in the garden. Rash acts
are sure to make trouble for us afterward.
lV. Another step toward denial was Peter’s following Christ afar off.
This show timidity and failing faith. His courage was leaving him.
Following Christ was leaving him. Following Christ at a distance is
always perilous. It showed a weakening attachment and trembling
loyalty. It is in itself partial denial. The only worthy and the only
safe discipleship is thorough, unwavering devotion and wholehearted
V. This apostle took another step toward his fall when he sat down
among the servants of the high priest. He went among them to hide his
relation to Jesus. The only safe thing for a Christian is
unequivocally to declare his discipleship wherever he goes.
When Peter had taken these steps he could scarcely do otherwise than
openly deny his Lord. The time for us to guard ourselves is at the
beginnings of defection.

In His Matchless grace,
Bro. Thaung and family



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