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Just Everyday Things



Just Everyday Things

Volume V         Issue XXII

May 26, 2021


Bell Buckle, Tennessee

            It’s a beautiful morning here in rural Bell Buckle, Tennessee. The sun is rising and shining brightly across the large lots here in our small subdivision. Just watching the bright orange color rising over the treetops and listening to the birds chirping make m heart want to sing of the goodness of our Lord towards us!

            We awoke this morning to the sound of the alarm clock shortly before 2 AM. Our good friend, Mr. Coffee® was just finishing up his morning routine, and the smell of Folgers® was wafting through the whole house! I’m so thankful that the Lord has let our dear friend serve us as long as he has. He’s been a good and faithful servant. The Lord constantly used this inanimate object to remind me of just how important it is to do the job the Lord has put us here to do, and to do it well. I pray every morning during my quiet time that I will be strong enough to let go and let HIM take control of the day, and that nothing will get in the way of serving Him faithfully.

            As many of you know, I have had some challenges with my ears. These challenges have included me being out with vertigo, tinnitus, and unsteadiness. You also may know that I have recently been taking decadron (generic version) injections to try and calm these challenges down.  I have experienced fewer vertigo attacks since the injections started, and they have been less severe. I have also had some temporary relief in the area of tinnitus. Many people don’t realize just how hard it is on a body to have a vertigo attack, or to feel unsteady for long periods of time. But, for  those of you willing to do a little experiment, I would suggest that you take two 10 lb bags of potato’s, putting one bag in each hand, holding them out straight away from your body. Then turn as fast as you can in circles until you feel as if you’re going to fall. Come to a quick and complete stop and let go of the potato’s. Feel how dizzy you feel? Do you feel like you could walk a straight line? Have you fallen down yet? Those of us who suffer from Meniere’s Disease or Bilateral Meniere’s Disease go through this several times a month or year. It is not an incurable disease, but it is very disabling disease. Yet, I have found that the Lord God has used it for His own glory. It breaks the ice with many who suffer vertigo attacks, tinnitus, unsteadiness or other maladies, and gives me a chance to spread the Word of God, that great news of  Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord! I used to hate having this disease,  and I cannot say that it’s fun in any way, shape or form. But, I truly believe it is a GIFT from God, not so much a “thorn in the flesh,” as Paul calls it. It makes me rely more and more on the strength that only Jesus Christ can give. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. What a humbling experience.

            I have been praying for many things to happen in my own life and ministry to people. The Lord is opening and closing doors. It’s just an everyday thing. God will guide us through the doors he opens if we will listen carefully and follow HIS direction instead of what we THINK his direction is. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish who’s voice is who’s. But, God will always reveal himself if we seek his face.

            I’m so thankful that over these past ten months, I have been able to start learning some new things and refreshing some others that I had learned already while I was in college. During the beginning months of my recovery from prescription drug addiction last March, a friend of mine introduced me to the Cowpunchers Cowboy Church of Shelbyville, Tennessee. Vivian and I already attend a small SBC church (North Fork Baptist Church of Shelbyville) and we love the church and people there. But, there needed to be some extra help from people who had experienced some of the same things I had. This man and his wife came and sat in the driveway of our home until I agreed to go with him to a Tuesday evening men’s Bible study. I did so with much hesitancy, but found that it was quite a necessary step for me in recovery. I built a small network of friends there who have helped encourage me and keep me away from the pain medications. The Lord has been so good to me through this group. I became involved in a learned process through a program called the “Ministry Diploma Certificate Program” with the Cowboy Church through the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches. Most people believe that these churches are just a fad, but I have found that they are Scripturally sound, preach the Bible, though many of them don’t use the King James Translation exclusively, and they have helped ground me even further in my will to study, preach, witness and “stay the course” for the Lord.  It has been a time of refreshing for me. I have been in recovery and free from the prescription medications now for over 14 months. I praise the Lord for this! It’s a victory for the Lord, and a victory for my  wife and I.

            I pray that all of you are having a great week! I know many of you have experienced loss, heartache and pain this week. But, I also know that God has a reason for all things. I pray that He will comfort, lead and guide you through the challenges you face every day. It’s so important to rely on Him. He alone is our strength and our stay.

            May the road rise up to meet you.

May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face;

the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,

may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

            May you all have a blessed day in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Blessings.


© Copyright  05/56/21 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Brother Anthony J Lanius    


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I was searching for a place to post observations about BB needing help,  and by God's Sovereignty or at least His Willingness landed here for a moment.

Pain can be awkward to deal with (physical pain in this context/topic/ purpose/ plan) .

Pain can be relieved naturally. (virtually any pain, at least if caused by inflammation - swelling as most physical pain is) .

(no opiates, no steroids, no narcotics, no synthetic drugs , nothing addictive needed,  nothing with bad side effects nor with any type of withdrawal problems at all).

This is very important for churches to be aware of,  yet it seems they don't care enough to find out nor to let their members know.

I've met many who got into trouble with steroids, or prescription pain pills, even mild ones,  and even ibuprofen or acetaminophen. (motrin or tylenol), 

and even more who got in serious trouble, including increased vascular damage , bleeding and heart attacks ,  from an aspir a day.   (btw, it would not pass todays requirements for health and safety - it got grandfathered to bypass the bigfarma's own restrictions.) .

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