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Just a Thought




Just A Thought

Volume 1  Issue 1

June 8, 2021

Anthony J Lanius

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            It has been many months since the new administration took over in Washington, DC., and I find that many still are laying their hopes on a man named Donald James Trump. In a way, this bothers many of us, because it seems that the former POTUS has developed a “cult” following. Many others (I’m speaking mainly to my Christian brothers and sisters) are still hoping to put him back in office in 2024, dividing the Republican Party. They aren’t on the “cult” bandwagon yet, but, they are close! Yes, the former POTUS did keep many of his promises where previous administrations had made the same promises and failed. Yes, the former POTUS did help the economy. But, I find that those who are placing their hopes in Mr. Trump are also claiming to put their faith in God.

            There is nothing wrong with appreciating a person for what they have done for our country. I voted for Mr. Trump in both 2016 and 2020, though I am NOT a Republican. My wife and I are neither Socialist Democrats nor Republicans. The Republicans left us many years ago. We did not leave them. We became moderate Independents. We also are Christians. Yes, we DID appreciate all that the Trump administration accomplished during their tenure. The Trump administration was good for America. I know that many blame the Trump administration for the divisiveness found in this country today. That simply IS NOT TRUE. The divisiveness grew in the previous administration, that of Barack Hussein Obama and Joseph Biden. Their unwillingness to work with the Republican party and to advance the leftist ideology in this country over the will of the people was far more divisive than the impolite Tweets of Donald Trump.

            I am not a fan of the current administration and it’s return to the political ideals and practices of the Obama Administration. It is terrible to think that our political process could have been tampered with to put the Biden/Harris administration into office. I’m not saying that there was or wasn’t tampering. That’s not my job. I’m first and foremost a Christian, not a political advocate. The Bible tells us that GOD is the one who puts people in power…regardless of how we vote, God will put whom he wants into positions of power. We are commanded to pray for those who are over us, and I do, daily. I pray that God will work in their hearts and minds, and that if they’re not going to follow the Biblical examples given them, that he will thwart their plans to push an evil agenda on the people. I’m told that as a Christian, I am an Ambassador for Christ.

An “ambassador” follows the commands of the person who he/she represents. We, as Christians represent Christ. We’re told to “preach the Word,” and to “go and make disciples.” We are to be building the kingdom of God. We cannot effectively do that and follow a man to the point of distraction.

            So, for the thought? I believe that we should be praying for this administration in spite of how many believe they gained power, or how most of us believe that their agenda is far less than Godly. Why don’t we join together as brothers and sisters, take our eyes off of who is running the country, realize that our battle isn’t against flesh and blood, but against SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS in HIGH PLACES! Why don’t we put on that “whole armor of God” and deliver the Word to a lost and dying world, and trying to bring those who have lost hope back into the fold? Satan is the “Master Deceiver!” If he can get our attention away from the mission that Christ set before us, then HE HAS ALREADY WON! The Bible tells us plainly to be “looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith!  How many of us can and will follow what the Lord Jesus Christ has told us to do instead of putting our eyes on a man…ANY man, whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Is anyone willing to stand with us? That’s my thought for today. Just a thought!



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