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North Valley Baptist Church Served with a Cease and Desist Order


A 4 page letter was taped to the door of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, ordering the California mega-church to shut its doors. The reason? They were in violation of the law for holding indoor worship service, and they will be fined $5,000 for each day they are open. 

The church was accused of holding indoor services, failing to ensure that speakers wore face masks and singing. 

This no longer is about health, but power in the government. The link bellow Pastor Trieber talks about the letters nailed to the door. He starts around the 4:50 mark.




**Update: Golden State Baptist College which is a ministry of North Valley Baptist Church is going to be fined $35,000 a week for having Bible College

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Not surprised one bit at all.

The local and State governments, almost all Democratic controlled, have discovered that they can use a health scare to bypass the Constitution of the United States, take away our freedoms, shut down our businesses, and close down the churches. When this health issue first arose folks have been trying to warn the  churches that the true issue is to control the churches or shut them down.

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Maybe lazy conservatives and Christians will go out and vote in ALL elections now. They took over the State Assembly here in Virginia because Republicans did not show up to vote (some didn't even know elections were going on) while Bloomberg was literally busing Democrat voters to the polls. 

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