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This announcement is no longer active


I don't have to remind anyone that the year 2020 has been such a unique year so far, not only for the world but the church as well. We have been faced with many challenges in the way we worship. Depending on your state/country, we've been regulated if we can meet in our building, on how many we can seat in our auditoriums, whether we can sing or not, whether we have to wear masks, and maybe a few other orders may have been in place. One thing for sure is that churches had to adapt to technology fast. Livestreaming in many states/country's became a necessity. I wanted to make a way for folks to be able to watch IFB churches livestreaming across the world so I created a section on here call live-streaming.

This section is not created so that you can stay home in your PJ's on a Sunday morning and fire up your phone or TV for church.

If your church does a livestream that's made public, you are more than welcome to add it to the directory. I look forward myself to watch/listen to a few while working.



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